Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I am so happy that these two met and fell in Love.

Meet my Grandparents. I adore this picture of them.
They were such a wonderful influence on my life.
After their passing I found an old love letter that my Grandpa had written to my Granny.
He was quite the romantic. They had the lasting kind of love. It was beautiful right up to the end. They gave me the hope that this kind of love exists.

I wish for you this Happy kind of Love.
Happy Valentine's Day.


House and Garden Boutique said...

Thank you for sharing your Grandparents' photo and the beautiful post about their love for one another. What a nice Valentine treat....really warms the heart on a cold day like today. Happy Valentine's Day!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

What happy very fortunate that you have those love letters....oh what I would give to have one from my grandparents.

If you ever get the inspiration to share that letter...PLEASE let me be one of the first to know.
I find it so "refreshing" to "be there" in that era...with the person who is writing it.

I remember my best friend let me read her grandmothers diary of BEFORE she married her grandfather..and it was so, so sweet and so funny in parts....about how PROPER they were back then in the 1880's.
..."Harry tried to hold my hand today...we have only been dating for 7 months, I must speak to him about being so presumptuous "


KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

What a sweet post...I am sad though I havent cheked your blog in a while and I'm soooooosorry for the loss of your Sister in law...she was so beautiful....
Your blog is so pretty Becky...I cant wait to see you in mmmount dora if you can come. I hope you got the jacket today, i sent it the same day you wrote me, it's so pretty. Hope you have a lovey day tomorrow!! Hugs, Kimberly

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Beck...just lovely!


Lee Laurie said...

This was the sweetest post. They looked so happy together. A true love story.

Lee Laurie

June said...

Beautiful picture Becky of two beautiful people. What a treasure to have found that letter. Somethings are just meant to be found. I've saved many of those things for my own family to have when I'm gone.
It's so good to see your post today.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph and love story. Thank you for sharing. You were blessed to have such a fine example in your life.
I like your wreath on your door!

Miss Gracie's House said...

They are *so* cute...I bet they had a great, spicy life together:) Good to hear from you, have been missed. Pretty vignette!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Becky,
There kind of love does exists! and its a wonder to behold!.
You can just see the love in the photo. A sweet valentine post!
Take care and enjoy your week,

CIELO said...

Your story brought tears to my eyes... how sweet and beautiful they were...


Jane said...

Don't know how I missed this post...

Your valentine wreath is gorgeous! Very inventive!

I have Garbanzos in the freezer. How about lunch later this week...I'll call later.

Carolyn said...

Hi Becky,
I missed this post until now.It is a lovely photo of your grandparents and how blessed they were in love.
I have missed you too!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Lovely.... I always think of things like that too..... thankful my grandparents met and married....
"all because two people fell in love"

Just call me Peach ;-) said...

This is beautiful! I know your son and daughter in law in Hawaii, such sweet people! My husband and I drove through Eufala once and we absolutely fell in love with the old houses...what an amazing project!!

Sit A Spell said...

Wonderful blog...fantastic house!
I've thought about running a B&B some day...

Sit A Spell said...

OH...amazing picture of your grandparents! What a treasure.