Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's good to look back. It makes you appreciate where you have been.
The days were filled with passion and purpose even though they were hard days of blood, sweat and tears.

You learn to really appreciate the strengths of others who worked by your side.
You could see what was not yet there and what others would have walked away from

You remember now with laughter what was one of the worst messes you ever experienced.

You laughed and were disqusted at the same time.

The clean up seemed endless.

You legs ached from being on a ladder all day.

And thinking you had filled the last crack with plaster you discovered yet another one.

You put up with colors even matching them just so they would look a bit cleaner.

You could see pretty even when it was ugly.

And you started collecting lots of rose dishes for that someday that would one day arrive.

And you were wowed and continue to be wowed with the beautiful mantels.

You got excited over pocket doors that got pryed loose.

You couldn't wait for a shower to wash yet another days grime from your body.

You were amazed with your discoveries under the wallpaper.

And thrilled even more to find hardwood floors.

You turned closets into bathrooms.

Anticipated the thrill of what something would look like once painted and

Cleaned up.

Plans got foiled but you pressed on making the best of your contractor's neglect.

Knowing that one day you would look back on your diamond in the rough and


Seeing your labor of love turn into a home.



Its so good to hear from you! How is your beautiful home coming along, what have you been up too?

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

HUGE, HUGE project...but how very satisfying it is for you now I'm sure. It ia a LOVELY old home and I know you will love living there.
I need to know where you got that UNIQUE toilet paper holder that you have in one of the bathrooms in an image.... way at the top of this post.



Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Wow, what a transformation! Everything is so beautiful and lovingly done. You worked so hard and it shows, you must be so proud! A big pat on the back you deserve it and two thumbs up! Amazing home.
I am going back to take another look.
Big hugs,


oh wow love everyroom ..especially the top bedroom pic and the bathroom with the roses shower curtain fab..
........and what alot of work- great job (:)Beautiful home ~

ღ Sofia Adam ღ said...

"And God forbid that my windows be covered with anything but lace having seen the beauty of morning's light through it's beautiful design."
haha what a wonderful remark, but oh so true, i have tried other curtains only to be amazes od the light of sheer cotton or lace <3

but now something different WHAT A FRIKKIN WONDERFUL BLOG!!!!

lovely pics, and a lovely house xoxo sofia