Thursday, April 26, 2012

Springtime around the house

 I took such a nice stroll around the  house tonight,  taking in all the springtime beauty that is in abundance right now.
The hydrangea are starting to flower.  Sweet apple green flowers with indecision as to which color they want to be.  Perhaps pink or perhaps blue or maybe even a soft shade of purple.  I never know what to expect, just grateful for their return each year.
 A new addition to my favorite pot of flowers and rosemary is this sweet little garden stake .  It was a gift from Carolyn.  I love it!
 I am going to have to harvest some of the Asian spinach and swiss chard growing in this old iron sofa.  Every plant is happy here and it shows.

 I have wanted to grow some echinacea for years now.  I listened to a lady speak of how to make an herbal tincture from the flowers when we visited the Biltmore Estate.   I may just have to try it.
 I really love adding the herbs to my flower beds.   Creeping thyme spills over the edges of pots and planters so sweetly.
 I am not sure how the tomato plant will do here but I am hoping for a nice juicy tomato in the next month or so.
 I never grow tired of the looking at the lake,  only tired of the lake weeds that must be dealt with.   However, I hear the croaking of a few alligators.   Love is in the air around the lake so we may just wait a little bit until we don't hear them as much.

 Aren't the little bean blossoms sweet and even sweeter will be the tender fresh beans for dinner.    A little french lavender growing along side them.   Isn't it pretty?
 Not one of my favorite smelling plants, society garlic, was planted around the garden in hopes of keeping the deer away.  It has worked thus far. 
 Sometimes they are white and sometimes purple, the iris have a mind of their own too.
 I love the return of salvia mixed with stevia...and speaking of stevia.....
 If stevia grows up among the strawberries......
 Will they be super sweet?
 How about among the peas?   Nothing better than fresh peas from the garden.   I was late this year so I hope that they do well.
 These bean were volunteer from last years crop.   When you cook them they turn green.   They are some of the best I have ever eaten.
 This pot grew up volunteer as well.    Just a happy little accident!
 Cucumbers are blossoming.
 A row of green beans and lavender .
 And although I know I need to cut it back, I love this plant that has spilled over the path to the lake.
 This amarilla came from the woods.   I have no idea how it got there unless a squirrel carried the bulb  off.  I decided to bring it closer to the house.  
 Who couldn't be thankful for all this beauty?

With a grateful heart, for eyes to see!


Tete said...

Love all your plants. You are so much farther ahead than we are here in central Illinois and we are about 3 weeks ahead of our normal schedule. Our beds won't look like this until July....something to really look forward to.
Hugs- Tete

One Shabby Old House said...

Thank you Tete! Soon will come the heat and then I will look for reasons to go north! I love midwest flowers!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Becky: Your garden is beautiful. You must be in prime growing country, except for the alligators??..Happy Friday..Judy

Rosetta said...

Ho scoperto il tuo blog da Carolyn!Hai un bel blog e un bellissimo giardino!Rosetta

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

What a beautiful garden. So many pretty flowers. I love the wall hangings on the house...and the chairs. It's all so cute!

Elzie said...

It sure looks lovely. Your garden has come far, a lot more than ours here in Sweden, lol.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Love Elzie