Friday, October 11, 2013

One Candlestick short of a full glow.

This whole decorating experience for the Shabby Old House's pending Christmas tour still has me wondering why I agreed to such a thing this year.   Living between two houses with one still waiting to be finished and moved in to in Alabama and one waiting for that day and then to be sold in Florida has meant that with each trip to the old house we are pulling a trailor filled with the items needed to complete the decorating for the tour.    On the other hand I will have to say that things are getting completed that have been on hold or time hasn't allowed us to finish .  I couldn't be more pleased with the way everything is turning out.  The glow of twinkling lights throughout the house has a way of settling my nerves as well as making everything, even Shabby Old things look wonderful. However, with each trip, no matter how organized I am, I arrive only to discover that I left behind something in Florida. 
So as I load the trailer and check off the list I can only pray that I will not discover on the Alabama side of the trip that I am,
"One candlestick short of a full glow!" 


June said...

You just amaze me Becky! I can't even imagine in my little brain how much effort this is taking..but one thing I know for sure and that is that you will pull it off BEAUTIFULLY!!!! You may not have any hair left after it's over but you will definitely have an amazing Christmas house to show for it. I can't wait to see the pics!!!

Sending you some energy and BIG HUGS...

Heaven's Walk said...

Wow, Becky ~ that mantel is just beautiful! Looks like something out of a magazine, girl! :) I also noticed what amazing detail trim you have in your sweet home. Just gorgeous!

xoxo laurie