Monday, August 17, 2015

Glamping at the Flea Market

This past weekend was the first Vintage Trailer Show at Rennigers Antique Market in Mt. Dora, FL.  Adding these cute little trailers to the show made getting out in the August heat with the threat of torrential downpours worth the trip. I am so glad that we went! I was totally inspired by all the trailers there and I'm now so ready to start on ours.
Isn't this trailer cute?
I just loved the use of the rusty old tin on the screen door.  Shoot, I love anything covered in rusty old ceiling tins!
Peeking in I knew immediately that I was going to love this one.  Don't those beds look cozy?
I love how they used the top bunk space for display.  The wood paneling was in such great shape.  I love the use of the old yardstick.  
Just the perfect size kitchen to play house in.
Just a little tin can piece of glamping heaven don't you think and this one even has wings!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

It is amazing what people are doing with little old travel trailers. That is so cute with the 2 beds and the old bedspreads!

Linda Walker said...

I just love the whole concept! This glamper is adorable! I can totally picture myself doing this, course I played house under our basement stairwell until I was in 8th grade! I do hope that I am able to try this experience! Looks like so much fun!

Uouo Uo said...

thank you

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sassytrash said...

How FUN!! I wanted to come to this but the timing just wasn't right. I really enjoyed your pics though!