Thursday, December 3, 2015

Decorating for a man

My hubby has been so very accommodating to all my, shabby, Victorian, feminine ways of decorating.  Soft pinks and whites and blues and lots of lace and roses have graced our home for years now and he hasn't ever fussed about it.  He's embraced the, "Happy Wife, Happy Life" motto like a champ.   And although he might not admit it to his friends he enjoys HGTV's Fixer Upper as much as I do.  Recently I began to change our  a few rooms in our Florida Home to a more farm house feel by using more architectural elements in our home.   The old door was from my Father's farm.  When the farm sold the new owner allowed me to take some wood from the failing building.

I did a post on that here.  It was a dirty job but every year since the old door is like a soothing embrace from my father at Christmas time.  I miss him so.  And although it was my mother that made Christmas time so special,  my father had his ways too.  From fussing meltdowns  every year over a crooked Christmas tree stump to his annual donning of his red plaid shirt those endearing memories surface every year with a mixture of love and emotion.

 As I look at this little barn wood shelf from the farm a certain  Joy floods my heart when I think of the these very special men in my life. 

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Lisa said...

These are the perfect masculine touches for a shabby chic house. I know the guys thank you!