Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Anniversary Road Trip to Posh

"What do you want to do for our anniversary, he asked."  He's like that.  He makes it all about me and my wants even though it's our anniversary.  Unselfish to a fault is my beloved.  32 years of putting up with the likes of me.  32 years of making as many dreams come true as he possible can.  From the days of pink decor and rose bedding with lace to my present decor whims, if it makes me happy, it makes him happy too.  I think it's that Happy Wife, Happy Life thing he has learned.   So without a second thought we were off to Venice, FL to see Susie and Mark and their lovely shop, Posh, my" Happy Place."
As you can see this is such a beautiful store and a reflection of Mark and Susie's passion for one another and creating beauty.
Enjoy the next few pictures.  I won't write anything to distract you from taking in every gorgeous detail. 

Amazing wouldn't you say? Just like these two.  Here's to great guys!
When you find one like ours you know you are blessed, aren't we Susie?
Happy Anniversary to you two as well.


Gee Singh Newbanks said...

The last two years we have been driving down to Posh for our anniversary as well. Fab store! And Mark and Susie are the sweetest !

Hugs, Gee

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