Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thank you Cori G.

I woke up today to a wonderful surprise. I love surprises. It was more than that though. It was the act of kindness this surprise came wrapped up in. My new friend Cori G. created a blog banner for me and gifted me with it. She had thought that the fabric I found for my One Shabby Old House would be a wonderful banner. So simple me just took the fabric laid it on the floor and put a frame around the name and took a picture. I don't have Photo shop. And it looked pretty bad. So as I said I woke up today to this wonderful gift. A Beautiful Banner from a beautiful person.
She has a beautiful blog called Gingerbread Crumbs and Company. . It is a beautiful place to visit and be inspired by her poems and inspirational writings of scripture. She also has another blog for tea lovers and pretty things called Brambleberry Cottage. Both are a beautiful place to visit.
It gives me joy when God places people like Cori in my path. It it to His glory that I can write of such. God Bless you Cori!


Just A Girl said...

Hi Becky,
How sweet is your post...thank you! I had a lot of fun working on it, but it's TOO BIG! Does that make you insane? It does me. I can shrink it a bit and send a new one if you like. It usually takes a couple try's to get it ALMOST PERFECT. I've never been able to get one to fit perfectly within the border, which makes me a little crazy, but then I tell myself "life isn't perfect." I love the soft pink background!
Let me know if you'd like to make adjustments.
Have a fun blessed day.

Margie said...

What a sweet, thoughtful, and lovely gift! I still haven't figured out how to make a banner for my blog yet, so I am still bannerless, so I think it is a super gift! One of these days, I'll figure it out! tee hee!

It really is beautiful too!
Margie :)

Sharon~heartsongs said...


Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Cori is such a sweetheart!

I love your new banner....
it's perfect!

Hugz, Dolly


I love it Becky and the background color is perfect with it! What a lucky girl to have such good friends!

Elizabethd said...

I've just found you, and love your banner, it reminds me of old English chintzes of my childhood.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

It is just beautiful; how wonderfully creative!

Donna Lynn said...

Hello Becky,
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! I would be honored to be on your favorites list, thank you!

I have been away from blogging for a bit over two weeks, just did a post on my sons wedding, I had quite a busy time with that and my BFF coming two days after the wedding was over...she couldn't pay the $1,000 dollars for the airplane ticket to get to the wedding, it went down to $300 two days later, crazy huh??

Anyhoo, hope your having a lovely week, we are having fall temps and rain already...BRRRRR! 61' today.

Donna Lynn

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Thank-you so much for stopping by, now I have a link to your beautiful blog. Your home is amazing. How fun it must be,oh and the fabric is so beautiful.
I will put you on my side bar if thats okay I don't want to miss out on anything. I'm looking forward to pink Saturday.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

OH!! I forgot to tell you that your banner is beautiful, what a wonderful surprise.

Just A Girl said...

HI Becky,
That ones too small! I'll try again. If you don't mind...I don't mind. I'll stick # three in your email sometime today.
Have a fun one.
God bless,