Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Blue Room

I am still working on the Blue Room
This is the Bedding set that I chose.
I want to cozy this room up more so I am open for suggestions.
I will post more pictures of the rest of the room next week.
I start a room and then we come home and I collect the assessories that I need from home.
I went up shorthanded this trip. So tell me girls what do I try to bring back next week.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Becky,that is a beautiful bed and night stand. Are you going to paint it ? Do you have something to go at the foot of the bed ? And what about something to hang on the blank wall ? Are you going to paint the angel hanging over the bed? These are the first things that popped into my mind.

Glenda said...

Everything looks to pretty.

I can't think of a thing, except maybe some old books on the nightstand. It's hard, because I don't know what you have.


Just A Girl said...

How about a lovely mirror to reflect your beautiful face.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

A beautiful shade of blue Becky, and I love the bedding!

That bedroom set is divine~ and I can't beleive how much the footboard looks like the one I want to use for a cornice!

Unknown said...

Beautiful bed. The headboard is Gorgeous. Mishelle

Kris said...

Hi Becky, I love the color blue you have painted on the wall. I am looking for a bed similar to that. My only problem is I've only been able to find them in a full size. I need a queen. I could probably find an antique reproduction, but I want an old one. I plan to paint it black once I find it.

Your blue room is beautiful. Do you have a couple of cozy chairs to go in there? I love the bedding.

Happy Hump Day,


Kris said...

I forgot to add painting the furniture a creamy white would help to soften the look and make it more cozy. Not sure if you want to paint it, but I'm all about painted furniture.


Christie Hines said...

Everything looks beautiful Becky...all in my favorite shade of blue too...love the shower curtain in your bathroom off of the blue room...and your sweet sentimental Sears doll looks right at home....in her new location.... in the blue room also...It's all lovely...

Judith said...

I love your duvet set - I'm not a big fan of dark furniture but maybe you could add an ottoman at the end of the bed with cushions on it to soften the room? Judith

Marie De Marco said...

The room is very peaceful. Some small thoughts I had, something at he foot of the bed with a small vignette. The dispaly above the bed may not be grand enough to compliant the bed. Just a few things that struck me.

One Shabby Old House said...

Thank you for all the comments.
I really do like to hear what you think. My plans were to paint the furniture. But I struggle with it because there is a flower carved in the footboard and it would disappear but I really think it would look beautiful painted. It was purchased with that in mind. I also thought of taking just the headboard and doing something to lift it up higher on the wall and taking the footboard and creating a cornise as was mentioned.
I like the idea of something at the end of the bed too. I may just have the perfect piece .
I wasn't sure about over the bed either. I have the oval mirror that I had used in the bath. I could paint it. The room is has limited space with a door coming in the room and on going into the bath and with the fireplace mantle taking a whole wall. I will show more. This will definatly be a reader inspired room so have fun with your comments and if you know of ideas on other blogs that will help me lead me to them.
I appreciate it


Hey Becky,
I left you an email (; Did you get it??

Miss Gracie's House said...

I think the furniture would paint up beautifully and a little distressing would only highlight the gorgeous detail! Also, how about something bigger over the bed? Mirror, fabric drape, something to fill in more space?
It's all just gorgeous!

PS. The shops I featured do not have a website-they were from our local antique mall.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Becky! oh what a busy week, I am catching up today and love to stop in to your place! what a pretty room! Because I'm behind in blogging, I might be too late , but I'd bring back some pillows with tons of pattern and maybe some needleworks too! those always make a space cozy! and maybe a throw for the end of the bed or quilt!

But its beautiful so far and I'm sure anything you will do will be stunning sweetie!

Hugs, Cynthia

Seawashed said...

Painting the furniture a creamy white would give it a softer, sweeter feel. The oval mirror over the bed I think would look good. And a cozy chair would be nice.

Tutti Chic said...

How lovely~everything is so beautiful! :) chris

Pink Slippers said...

You are doing such a beautiful job. I would love for you to come over here and help with my room. I am always trying to figure out what & where.

Anonymous said...