Sunday, February 23, 2014

Calling all Garden Fairies

The weather has been glorious here for the past several weeks so hubby and  I have been busy getting the flowerbeds and garden ready.   It's time to put down fresh mulch which always makes things look so fresh and clean.  I would love to plant an abundance of flowers and vegetables but have held back as my daughter will soon be having her baby and she wants her momma there and if she had her way I would be there for a year.  lol Hubby has a full work schedule to keep him busy enough so I won't trouble him with a gazillion pots to water in my absence.  I am counting on the roses and hydrangeas and azaleas and iris and a nice sprinkle of fairy dust to keep everything thriving and in bloom.  
Just some inspiration for spring time past.
I hope you are having a beautiful weekend.

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