Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh our aching backs

We both are a couple of wimpering renovator in need of a good massage!
Dave is painting the long hall's ceiling.

I do not recommend using this wallpaper on the ceiling. It is so heavy that I couldn't keep it on the ceiling. It will take several people to help you hold it up and is not a project for a tired couple by any means . I just opted to cut it into smaller pieces and piece it up. It looks like tin panels now. Anything looks better than it did before with all the holes. I do need to keep you all informed we are doing everything on a very tight budget. The wallpaper was so much less than having someone drywall. What is up there now is not drywall. Its like a particle board.


Unknown said...

You guys are troopers and your home continues to blossom!

I ache just watching the two of you so I know you both need a good massage!

Blessings - Debbie

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh my gosh, can you even raise your arms ?

Sharon~heartsongs said...

Wow, it makes my back hurt just seeing what you did. I've put that kind of paper on the ceiling before and I had to cut it into squares to. That is a tough job. I know it will look wonderful.

I have missed your posts!

Sharon~heartsongs said...

It will be tough to pick your exterior colors. There are so many beautiful choices.
Maybe you could play with it on a computer program to find what you like best. My favorite is a pink, black and white one that's at the bottom of my blog. But I love them all!

Cottage Diva said...

WOW Becky can you still lift your arms? After looking at the beauty of it when it's done you will forget all about the pain.... well maybe not...but I thought saying it would make you fell better.Looks great and hang in there.
Be blessed

My Petite Maison said...

Oh Becky,
It makes my arms tired just seeing you two like that... I give you two a huge pat on the back - whoops... maybe not ;) too sore.

It is looking so beautiful ~ yours is the luckiest Shabby Old House around, you putting so much love into this old house. I so wish so many of the homes in the town where I live could be saved. So good for you and your husband. Hope you can move today.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

I hear ya on the tight budget sister!!!

It looks great tho, is it that paintable kind of paper?

Thanks SO much for the tip to cut it in squares. Maybe that's what I should do for my vintage paper I wanted to put on the ceiling. It's cool to see yours first, hehe...

Those ceilings can be real back and neck killers. You should get massages!

A Southern Rose said...

Becky,Your house is looking so beautiful!I bet you are so excited! I'm excited for you! Oh and I know from experience how hard it is to put wallpaper on the ceiling! Thats a tough one! I said that I would NEVER do that again. That was years ago. Now that I see how good yours is looking...I might have to eat those words! Hope ya'll are not too sore!

Hugs,Lee Laurie

P.S. Thanks for the help on flipping my photos around!I finally figured it out.


Hi Becky,
Oh my gosh you two HAVE been busy!! I can't wait to see it all done, it is going to be sooooo pretty! I have thought about doing this in my kitchen but I don't know, this is the reason I haven't done it cause it looks like sooo much work!

Glenda said...

My arms ache just looking at you putting that on the ceiling. I would have cried having to do that.

I can hardly wait till we see the entire finished project.


Kris said...

All of the hard work, aches and pains will pay off in the end. The ceiling looks great from what I can see. Can't wait to see more. GREAT JOB!!!


{oc cottage} said...


M ^..^

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

It is a labor of LOVE!!!!!!

I have wallpapered 4 ceilings with that wallpaper... each time I say never again! But I love the look sooooo much its worth the pain and agony!

When you are done you can lay on the floor and enjoy your work!

Hugz, Dolly