Saturday, February 19, 2011

Turn me loose Bruce...this girl's got to juice.

 Like many, with the coming of a New Year, plans are made to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.   My hubby dear and I needed to make some changes to ours so we  started juicing everyday.  We figured that if Jack Lalanne lived to be 96 that it certainly wasn't going to hurt us.  However, it did take the Mr. a while to move past the green without hurling reflexes.
  Today it seems that we can't miss a day without our green delicious concoction.  We feel so much better and while that is certainly a perk  juicing can be expensive!  We start our morning with a blend of  Swiss Chard, spinach, peppers, carrots and an apple.  Swiss Chard rings up at $3.99 a small bunch and if you are using organic vegetables and fruits this will increase you grocery bill by at least an extra $30,  but with all of the  health benefits of juicing it is certainly  better to use that $30 for fruits and vegetable than for medicine.
 One night while watching the movie " It's Complicated," the light bulb came on as to what I could do to remedy the expense of juicing.   I was blown away by the cottage garden in this scene.  My creative little mind and the dreams began, staring in this scene, my own sweet dream maker, Hubby dear or as he refers to himself my yard monkey!
 I am quite certain that the name of the movie played over and over again in his mind but that didn't stop him.   He was on a mission and he wasn't stopping until our own cottage garden was complete.
 A few blisters and a sore back later the plot was established and now it was time for the raised beds.
 A few splinters and a some dirty knees later and they were complete.
  The joyful time of planting had arrived.  It was even fun finding garden decor which my weekend hunt to a few garage sales turned up a concrete garden bench and a statuary and a watering can.
 We added yet one more box and this one is  planted only with Swiss Chard and carrots.  
 I found this picture of exactly what we are hoping for and that is  lots of help  and a beautiful flourishing garden,
 with lots of vegetables to make our wonderful delicious green drink.  Which now as we consider the cost of the garden our drink costs  us about $ 30 a glass.  

PS.  I thought about joining the The Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday party .  ha ha.


mariondee-designs said...

Wow, your vegetable garden looks absolutely beautiful! I love how you made a little alcove with the trellis! I am already thinking where I can incorporate one in mine.. lol! I love where you live.. do you back onto a lake? Yes I know juicing is expensive as I bought one a while ago and didn't realise you need a fair amount of fruit to get lots of juice. I suppose though you know you're getting 100% fresh juice. Once your vegies start growing you'll recuperate the costs in no time. take care, Maryann

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my gosh I just adore your
garden !! It is so beautiful !!
I love juicing too :)


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a great idea to build your own space to grow it! Have you tried growing perpetual spinach? It's MUCH easier to grow than normal spinach...but is still very good for you - and tasty too!!


Victorian1885 said...

Good for you! I have a juicy too but slack of for long periods without using it. Your veggy garden is wonderful and the rewards of the hard work with be well worth it! Take care.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love your garden! And the beautiful view of the lake too. You'll really enjoy your fresh produce once the season gets going I'm sure! One thing about living where we do, the produce is not as fresh by the time it arrives from the southern climes but we have a wonderful growing season from June to October here! Can't wait for fresh, local produce. :-)

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

All that work is well worth it! You are going to love how much better veggies taste picked from your own garden!

Hubby and I have been tossing around getting that juicer!
How does everything taste! I just can't imagine spinach and peppers and carrots mixed to taste yummy!
I'd love your honest opinion!

Thanks a bunch

NanaDiana said...

Several years ago we juiced for a year or was a lot of work but so healthy..and, yes, it is expensive....and my yard monkey is NOT very trainable...he is more apt to be snoozing in the hammock and waiting for someone to peel his banana for any NORMAL monkey. Your yard monkey did a very good job and I LOVE your garden...Happy Juicing!! Diana

Jill said...

Oh my make it look so easy to whip up raised beds and start a cottage garden! I, too, was mesmorized by the garden in the movie. I, too, eat green smoothies as often as possible but mine are usually a bag of spinach or kale and a banana and frozen fruit. We live in the raspberry capital of the world and get inexpensive berries in the summer and freeze them so there is some savings there.

I really don't think you can put a price tag on how green smoothies will improve your health.

Also, you have an amazing juicer!

Jill F.

Amy Kinser said...

My husband got me a juicer a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it. We got a Breville. My favorite juice that I fix so far is kale, broccoli, carrots and apples. I have also fixed straight apple juice and it is delish. I LOVE this thing and do feel like we are getting substantial health benefits from it. We have had a garden for several years now, but will be adding a few things this year that I would love to be able to use with my juicer. Good luck with your garden. I know it will be wonderful.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

No matter how pretty the plate you serve your juice upon...
Well, if nothing else, you should benefit from the exercise of gardening, right?

I'm with you- juicing and gardening, these are both things Honey and I have started to do too.

Glad to know we're not the only ones!

Andi's English Attic said...

I haven't juiced for years. Thanks for inspiring me to begin again.

The wonderful thing about juicing is the juice tastes nothing like you imagine. My kids LIKED apple celery and spinach juice!

Your garden looks wonderful. Well done on the bench find. I shall have to watch 'It's Complicated' again. I saw it on a long plane trip - never a good environment for enjoyment!

I'm off to dust down the juicer...xx

Carolyn said...

Hi Becky,
Wow! That was a lot of work but it will give you so much pleasure!It will be lovely working in it down by the lake too.I hope the garden bench is for you to sit on while your Hubby works!!!
I have heard that juicing is very good for you but have not tried it yet but at $30. a glass I know it must be good!
Our garden is still 3-4 feet under snow.
Take care,

Sylvia said...

I love juicinig spinach with apples and oranges but like you said with the cost of fruits and veggies, it got to be too much.
I really like your idea of growing your own and love how your garden and paths turned out.


sweetpea said...

love this post!


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