Monday, March 19, 2018

Springtime Glorious Springtime!

I get so excited with the first signs of spring around the old house.   Two weeks ago the azaleas were just starting to bloom and the Bradford pear trees were in full bloom.  I thought then that that was the prettiest thing I had ever seen.   I flew off for a couple of weeks to go visit my son in Colorado  I came back to this explosion of color all around Eufaula.    
Bye bye,  Winter!  Should I knock on wood?  I know many of you are experiencing a good amount of snow right now.  So I will send your way some springtime snow melting wishes.  Just hold on my friends.  Spring's beauty is coming!
I am tickled at the growth these shrubs have made.  They are so soft looking.  
And even though we have a ways to go with landscaping I am happy for every single blooming plant around this Shabby Old House! 


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