Saturday, March 3, 2018

Won't you come in..

Welcome!  I am so glad that you came back for a peek inside this pretty Victorian Cottage in Eufaula AL.   Let me tell you a little about her.  She was built in 1872 and after looking inside I am almost certain she was built by the same builder as the Shabby Old House. She is 135 years old.  She may have a few wrinkles here and there as can be expected  but I am here to tell you that if she were really a lady, people would be saying she has aged very well.  With a little make up here, some blush there and lipstick and mascara  of course, she will stand out like all beautiful southern ladies.
When you enter the etched double doors you will see a very long hall.  They were used as reception halls for greeting guests.  Look at the amazing heart pine floors.  They are in perfect shape.
 Look up to the gingerbread fretwork and once again lets focus on those floors.  Aren't they just beautiful.  All electric and plumbing have been updated.  
To the left of the hall you will find the living room, dining and study all with 14' ceilings and to the right 3 bedrooms and 3 updated bathrooms. I was surprised at all the closets and storage this home had.  This is a rare feature in many old homes.   Notice the grand pocket doors in the living room.  
Each room had a beautiful mantle.  They are so much fun to decorate at Christmastime.
Dining room.  Again notice how beautiful the wood floors are.
The Family room.
Updated bath and shower. 

I think this bath is adorable.  Notice the ledge as well as the built in shelf above the claw foot tub.  Perfect for towels.

 3 full baths.
A great laundry room/ mud room.
Large eat in kitchen.   Oh the things I would do with this!   It really is a nice kitchen but I can see a large kitchen island/bar.   I think that I would paint the cabinets a pretty white and maybe take out a few and add open shelves just like we have seen Joanna Gaines do on so many of her kitchens renovations.  The great thing about this kitchen is that you could leave it alone if you like it or give it  just a few simple updates that I feel wouldn't cost much at all.  Kitchens can be really so expensive but this one wouldn't be an expensive one to update if you so choose.    It's really all about paint in this house and who can't paint?  It's the ladies makeup that will make her shine.
As if her wonderful wrap around porch on the front of the house isn't enough this house has another wonderful large back porch.   Imagine coffee in the morning looking over your rose bushes. 
 Have you spotted the She shed?  I could have so much fun decorating that space as well as every room in this house. 
I would love to tell you all the decorating ideas I would have for this house and what I  would do if this home were mine.   If you are a HGTV Fixer Upper/ HomeTown lover like me, you are well aware of all the wonderful possibilities updates here and there can do for any home and if I have shown you enough maybe you can already see that it would take very little to make this your dream home.  I know I couldn't stop dreaming after I walked though.   There are just so many things to love!  I hope that when you close your eyes tonight you will once again walk the long hall peeking in each room of this house.  Have sweet dreams my friend.  It shouldn't be hard and maybe soon we will be good neighbors!


Deanna said...

Sweeeeeet house! Would be a great deal of enjoyment living in this.
Glad you shared,

Jane said...

Such a grand lady! i can just imagine sipping tea on the porch as we watch the world go by. And I would love the she shed...a studio! Eufala is such a warm, friendly town. I look forward to returning...

Kim said...

What a charming home, that front porch just lures you in. There are so many beautiful touches. I am so happy I took the tour. Thanks for sharing!

Pam Richardson said...

What a charming southern lady! Beautiful old home. I enjoyed my tour! said...

Love all the old houses you post; especially your own

Carolyn said...

I love it! You have me dreaming now.
Chip and Joanna always do such an amazing job.

Thanks for sharing,

Unknown said...

I love your home. I have always dreamed in living in a home like this. These new homes today, just do not feel like home to me.

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