Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Reflections

 I found this picture of The American's Creed at a yard sale and  I knew that it would be a perfect gift for my husband who served in the Marine Corp.  It spoke to every sentiment that he holds in high regard and of which I so appreciated him for.
The American's Creed was written in 1917 when  patriotic sentiments were very popular.  Most Americans felt, as the creed states, it was their duty to love their country, support its constitution and obey its laws, to respect its flag and to defend it against all enemies.  Sadly, just as this garage sale Creed was considered something to be gotten rid of at very little cost so we find today in our wonderful country the same values that once made us great being forsaken. 

 It use to be a value that was taught then and one that as good Americans we should not fail to teach our children today.
 The children of that time knew then as well as many do today that Freedom has a very high price.  Today, as we remember with thankful hearts, our Veterans who served and are serving our country, may we also remember and  give thanks for the men and women who have served and serve us in another capacity and yet with the same mindset and sacrificial cost, that being our Policemen, Firemen and other First Responders.  We are so grateful to you for your service this past week in Oklahoma.  You made a difference to so many.  

As we celebrate our
Happy Memorial Day may we keep in our mind and in our prayers the many who have served this great country so well.


{oc cottage} said...

what an awesome find! i am so glad it found a loving home!!!!

m ^..^

Deanna said...

The American Creed is such a great thing to read today and to think on. Glad you shared.

The children are precious!

May you have a wonderful week,

Deanna said...

You are a very brave Momma having children in the Military! Very very brave. Prayers going up!

Anonymous said...

The American’s Creed is perfect for Memorial Day and all of those who make sacrifices to protect freedom and justice. I often worry that there are several privileges that we take for granted. Thank you for mentioning first responders as well, at times like this I am glad that they are being remembered.

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Linda Walker said...

Such a nice post. My husband also served in the USMC and the USMC Reserves--I believe for 30 years.