Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother and Child

 There are so many beautiful paintings of Mother and Child.   These were some of my favorites that I found on Pinterest.

Wishing all the Mother's out there a very 
Happy Mothers Day!


June said...

I love every one! I love paintings of mothers and children too.
I loved your beautiful post of chairs. I'm headed for my favorite right now :)
Have a wonderful Mother's Day sweetie!
much love...

Lynda Brandly said...

I used to have several pictures of mothers and daughters in my home when our daughter was our only child. I still think they are beautiful! Your home is so beautiful and romantic!
love and blessings~
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

Carolyn said...

Hi Becky,
I love mother and child photos too...the first one is my favorite.

Thank you for your sweet notes, I think you asked a question about your hydrangeas last time. I know they like a lot of water and in your climate afternoon shade would be good and maybe some compost or fertilizer.Here,the annebelles grow big and floriferous every year but the pink and blue ones don't flower as well for me.
We went to Charleston this year and went to Mt. Dora for a few days as well but we were lazy and I was thinking of you but we were lazy and stayed close to our little cottage there.Sorry the Garden Gate tea room was closed though.
I love the chairs you found and they were quite the bargain too!

Take care,

DD's Cottage said...

Love all the pictures of moms and daughters and it makes me miss when my daughter was younger and I could pick her up.