Friday, May 8, 2015

The Comfortable Chair

 Beneath all the lace and linens there is the most comfortable chair in our bedroom.  For years it was in our family room and the kids use to call "Save," whenever they got up from it while watching the tv to make sure nobody took their comfortable seat.  It's burgandy and large and no longer works in the family room but I have kept it for it truly is the most comfortable chair in the house.
 I spotted this chair at the Fancy Flea a few years ago and the vendor had it all adorned like the famous Magnolia Pearl's work .  It too was very comfortable and made me wish I knew how to do upholstery.  I have no lack of chairs in the house to upholster but only have single chairs and what I have been looking for is two comfortable, affordable chairs.  Key word "affordable."
 I started the search only to find that the chairs I wanted were going to cost me close to $1800.  That is quite an investment so when I found these chairs at Tuesday Mornings I decided they were a much better deal at $399.00 each.   That is until I got them home and we attempted to sit in them and they were hard as a rock.  I thought that time would soften them but no luck.  They are just not comfortable chairs!  I had plans to paint the shiny wood gray and do a stripe on the seat and frenchy them up a bit but it was back to the drawing board for chairs until yesterday....
There they sat, at one of my favorite thrift shops.  These vintage, wonderfully comfortable chairs were just waiting for me.  I quickly told the man I wanted them for the whopping $29.00 each.   I later found out he was "Jesus."
Feeling very blessed I got in line only to have that sweet deal get even better.  A couple behind me gave me a coupon for 50% off my purchase and so as you can see I got both chairs for $32.08!
Off to Anthony Upholstering I went to find that each chair would cost me $335.00 to have done.  Being a bit of a fabric hoarder I already have the fabric too!  I can't wait to get these comfortable beauties back and hear the kids call, "Save" upon their visits as they truly are very comfortable chairs worth Saving!  Thank you Jesus!

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DD's Cottage said...

I love a good chair too-We had a very comfortable but ugly chair in our living room that we called the cuddle chair because my daughter and I would cuddle and read books in it. Sad day when it left