Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Fireside Chat

We start our little fireside chat here in the Lady's Parlor which took on the most changes before the tour.   The walls in the room were painted Cascade white and everything else was trimmed in white. One project that needed to be done was around the fireplace which needed a new iron insert as the one that was there was broken.  This meant really doing a deep clean on the fireplace itself which I found to be in surprisingly good shape for a home built in 1890.  I am not sure what the inserts are called but I found this one at Relic's in Tampa and thought she would be the perfect one for the Lady's parlor which I decorated with french style furniture in various shades of gray with touches of pink.
Our home has 5 fabulous old mantels and they were so much fun to decorate.  The living room was done in soft robin egg blues however this fireplace had been bricked all the way up except for the round circle.  Hopefully someone reading will tell me what the stove pipe circle is about.
I then found this iron cover and had propped it up over the covered up fireplace.  Since my husband had done such a nice job on putting in the insert in the Lady's parlor I asked him is he could take out the board and stove pipe circle covered insert in the dining room to which he replied, "Sure I can!"

I had started decorating in July and the dining room mantel was complete.  I suppose we expected to find this project to be as easy to replace as the one that he completed first but with a tug of the board an avalanche of soot came cascading down from the chimney and there was no shoving the board back in place in time. Nothing could stop the mountain of soot and no chimney sweep could be found available in our town.   Now I don't know if you remember seeing that all of the furniture in the room was a creamy white but after that day and for several days to follow everything was covered in a black sooty film.   Hubby banned me from the room for the days to follow as he cleaned and cleaned.  Even with all the doors closed our poor little white dog  became grey and black.  She looked like she aged 10 years.  But finally everything became clean again or repainted.  We laugh about it now I promise but for one dark soot covered day we didn't.  It became a story that we told our visitors and they laughed with us.
I promise no one was harmed in the making of this mantel and the thoughts of murder quickly passed when I looked deep in to the dirty face of my beloved.
So our fireside chat has come to a close.
And hubby and I bask in the glow of all the projects that were completed without any bodily harm or one of us killing the other.
Yes, I am pleased to say our marriage is strong.
We survived the Christmas tour.
He learned to say, " Yes Dear," and I learned to close my eyes or step out of the room.   A Lot!!

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NanaDiana said...

It looks great- Isn't soot awful? We had so much soot in one of the old houses we rehabbed but at least we hadn't painted yet. UGH- what a mess. Your home looks just gorgeous and I am glad your survived the Christmas tour. Love that your hubby is so handy and that he learned to say "Yes, Dear". How much would you charge for him to train my husband?;>) xo Diana

chateau chic said...

Your mantels are gorgeous!!! I love the charm and architecture of the old mantels in your home.
Mary Alice

Beverly said...

Ugh! Is there anything nastier than soot? I shudder just reading about it. But, look how beautiful everything is now. The two of you are a great team.

Thank you so much for your visit. Seeing your name made my day.

Carolyn said...

Wow! Five beautiful mantels to decorate would keep me busy for awhile.
I love the iron insert you found and you did a great job decorating!
That must have been quite a shock to have all that soot come pouring down! Good thing you and your husband work so well together.
p.s. love your dining room tablescape too!

The Rusty Heart said...

Wow I wish I had five mantels to decorate! You have done a beautiful job!! Merry Christmas!

Scribbler said...

How on earth have I missed you in my years of blogging? Visiting from BNOTP.

I love old homes and we have thought many times to come to Eufala for the tour. When you get your BnB open we will do that. Now, I am going back through your blog to see what I have missed!

Poppy said...

A beautiful mantel, decorated in silvery sparkle and elegance.

Glad you can BOTH enjoy it!

Thanks for visiting Poppy View!

Merry Christmas!


Tea in Texas said...
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Tea in Texas said...

I am amazed at the transformation of these beautiful fireplaces. Your husband is a wizard and so talented so he is a real treasure to you. Glad you both survived the soot falling from the chimney, the story is a great after the fact story and thanks for sharing it. Have a great Christmas and glad the tour was so successful!


Sandra Garth said...

I found you via Susan's blog and I'm so happy I di. Very pretty here!