Monday, December 23, 2013

Holding Christmas in my Heart

I always go through old pictures at Christmas time.  It's my bittersweet tradition to remember the magic of those Christmas times past. Family gatherings around my Granny's table, ( me in the green dress close to Granny) were easy then as most of the family lived within minutes from my Granny and Pa's farm and our family, the luckiest of all only lived next door and had the daily influence of our loving Grandparents.
 At Christmas time my Granny's kitchen was the best place on earth to a kid because of all the wonderful cookies, pies, and cakes as well as an amazing dinner that she would be making.  She was a fabulous cook. This picture shows a Christmas that my Aunt and Uncle came from Illinois. We got to open our presents at Granny's house and the house was filled with the excitement of all of her children and grandchildren.  It was magical and probably one of my most favorite Christmas mornings ever. If there is a Christmas feel that I wish I could bottle it would be of this Christmas.  
The floor under the  tree was filled with wonderful surprises this year.  I got that pretty Victorian doll but more than store bought gifts there were several  homemade items.    My mother would often keep our gifts at Granny's and we would spend the night and  Christmas morning there.  Usually it was because my mother and her mom, my granny were busy together sewing doll clothes or pajama's or dresses  for my sister and I.  What a wonderful idea don't you think?
Granny was a homemaker in the truest form of the word and taught me to bake and sew and keep house and lawn as well as play games and talk and listen to me.  We enjoyed each other's company.
As a member of the local Home Ec club she would host parties.  I got to taste the goods before her guests and she always made me feel special and loved.
As happy as Christmas time can be it is often just as sad as our hearts long for those who are no longer with us.  Granny went home to be with the Lord on Christmas day several years ago.  With dinner in the oven and her table set she left us.  I had heard that that had been a little joke between she and Grandpa.  She wasn't allowed to go home until after she fixed dinner.  They had such a wonderful loving and playful relationship for so many years that I can almost hear her snicker to know that she did just that.

 As I set our table for the Christmas tour this year my greatest joy was using Granny's dishes and crystal and hanging her picture in the dining room. Touches of my Granny were all over the house.  Charms to my home and sweet reminders of her and her love for me.
She was with me in spirit I know.
 Good memories of my childhood,
good memories of home fill my thoughts today.
Those wonderful memories of Christmas time past that I will forever hold in my heart.


Carolyn said...

So nice to have a Granny next door and have lots of happy memories.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Seawashed said...

Thank you for sharing your loving memories. They helped me today.

June said...

This post almost made me cry Becky. I love memories from these magical years and love to remember my earliest Christmases too.
Beautiful post dear friend!
much love...