Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Hope you are full of wonderful food and memories.
Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Moving right along

It took a over a year but this is where the dining room is today.
Still far from what I had in mind.
I had more in mind white walls throughout the house. The plaster cracks throughout the house were long and deep and require skim coating. The ceilings in several rooms had large areas where it had come down. So we drywalled and skim coated in the living room and hall but it was not cheap. We didn't think the walls were too bad in the dining room but surprises came when the wallpaper came down and the drywallers were gone. The cost is almost like having drywall put over the walls. The darker paint did cover my vain attempts at skimcoating. We drywalled every ceiling throughout the main portion of the house. You have to appreciate drywall guys. It is a hard, dirty job. And we thought our necks hurt. Try drywalling a 14 foot ceiling.
We picked out a very soft shade of white with a hint of pink for the ceiling. Sometimes I just want to lay on the tabletop and stare at it. It is amazing to me.

We have come a long way in a years time. The floors have been finished by my darling hubby. The walls and ceilings have been painted and the trim has been painted several times. FYI Make trim board the last thing you do. I painted it before we did the walls. Then painted it again to cover the burgandy hits from the wall, then Dave did the floors, and I painted it again. I can just hear the person who decides to strip the trim when we are no longer around.....
"Can you believe the layers of paint???"
Why yes....I can

Next up..

Meet me in the living room.

What do you think of the rug I found.

Home Goods.....are they not the greatest?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting ready for the Holidays at the Old House

We have been working on the dining room for quite awhile now trying to get it ready for the holidays. This was taken last year and as you can tell the need for a year of neck massages will be in order after painting the ceiling.
Hint, hint to any of my children who happen to read this blog.
But first we have to take down the wallpaper fill in the cracked plaster and then paint.
opps one more look at the ceiling tin.

And then there is the carpet of which we thought would be a breeze to take up.
However the padding was stuck to the floor and the only way we could figure to get it up came by accident when the wallpaper steamer sat steam side down and as we took a break the steam made a wonderful ooooey gooey mess that came up by scooping it with a large drywall knife. This has been a wonderful project. It could only be done a small square at the time. Nobody had any advise for us on what we could use. Adhesive remover probably would have damaged more brain cells than either of us could spare. lol

So where do you think we should serve the turkey?
Thankfully we were asked to join our Pastor and his wife.
So we were very thankful indeed!