Monday, December 30, 2013

Can You Keep a Secret?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my go to place for inspiration and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was then and is now Robyn Story Designs in Tampa.  The sofa in  Robyn's shop is painted.  Yes, my friend you read it correctly.  It is painted and after seeing how beautiful it turned out I bought a couple of cans of ASCP and painted my antique sofa below.   Reupholstering it was not in the budget with all of the other things that I needed to do to get the house ready for the tour.  I wanted to create a beautiful French themed room in whites and soft gray like the ones I had been pinning on Pinterest.   So this was my little secret that unless you were told no one was the wiser in knowing the day of the tour.
I found this beautiful sofa on Craigslist and it was in pristine condition.    The fabric was perfect except it was cream and gold.  Still pretty as it was, I wanted white and after one can of paint I was almost there.
I trimmed the wood out using Paris Grey ASCP and then waxed it.  The trick with painting the fabric is getting the fabric wet first.  So I sprayed it with water first and then with a very wet paint brush dipped it in to the paint and  painted it.  It took a little more than 2 cans of paint.   It feels and looks like leather.  I don't know exactly how it will wear yet but I was thrilled with the results and plan on keeping a can of ASCP on hand to touch it up when necessary.    
Would you have guessed it?  No?  Good, then shhhh..pinky's our secret!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Resolution Time.

What will your New Year's Resolution be?
Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Holding Christmas in my Heart

I always go through old pictures at Christmas time.  It's my bittersweet tradition to remember the magic of those Christmas times past. Family gatherings around my Granny's table, ( me in the green dress close to Granny) were easy then as most of the family lived within minutes from my Granny and Pa's farm and our family, the luckiest of all only lived next door and had the daily influence of our loving Grandparents.
 At Christmas time my Granny's kitchen was the best place on earth to a kid because of all the wonderful cookies, pies, and cakes as well as an amazing dinner that she would be making.  She was a fabulous cook. This picture shows a Christmas that my Aunt and Uncle came from Illinois. We got to open our presents at Granny's house and the house was filled with the excitement of all of her children and grandchildren.  It was magical and probably one of my most favorite Christmas mornings ever. If there is a Christmas feel that I wish I could bottle it would be of this Christmas.  
The floor under the  tree was filled with wonderful surprises this year.  I got that pretty Victorian doll but more than store bought gifts there were several  homemade items.    My mother would often keep our gifts at Granny's and we would spend the night and  Christmas morning there.  Usually it was because my mother and her mom, my granny were busy together sewing doll clothes or pajama's or dresses  for my sister and I.  What a wonderful idea don't you think?
Granny was a homemaker in the truest form of the word and taught me to bake and sew and keep house and lawn as well as play games and talk and listen to me.  We enjoyed each other's company.
As a member of the local Home Ec club she would host parties.  I got to taste the goods before her guests and she always made me feel special and loved.
As happy as Christmas time can be it is often just as sad as our hearts long for those who are no longer with us.  Granny went home to be with the Lord on Christmas day several years ago.  With dinner in the oven and her table set she left us.  I had heard that that had been a little joke between she and Grandpa.  She wasn't allowed to go home until after she fixed dinner.  They had such a wonderful loving and playful relationship for so many years that I can almost hear her snicker to know that she did just that.

 As I set our table for the Christmas tour this year my greatest joy was using Granny's dishes and crystal and hanging her picture in the dining room. Touches of my Granny were all over the house.  Charms to my home and sweet reminders of her and her love for me.
She was with me in spirit I know.
 Good memories of my childhood,
good memories of home fill my thoughts today.
Those wonderful memories of Christmas time past that I will forever hold in my heart.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Collage and Home Tour

Our Christmas Tour 2013
We only opened the first 4 rooms of the house as there are still a few rooms in the works.
This is just a small sampling of the many pictures that I took this year.  The old house has certainly come a long way and made a few changes since we began our work in 2006.  It certainly has been a sweet labor of love.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour and that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.   

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Romance

I am calling this post a Christmas Romance because of all the projects that I did getting the house ready for the tour this is the one that I loved the most.  
 Shades of gray and white and silver and pink were used thoroughout the room and the calm that it brought to the room was felt every night as I collapsed into bed.
 A dear friend gave me this wonderful book called, The Greatest Gift and what a treat it has been.
 My Victorian doll from my youth which I think was an influence on my love of Victorian things.  I remember picking it out in the Sears Christmas catalog. 
Did you use to mark up the Sears catalogs with your wish list.  I may be dating myself a bit but as kids we use to spend hours looking through it.
 You should have seen this chair when I found it as a  $5 garage sale find that went from trash to  my treasure .

 I learned a few things during the tour about people opinions of silver.   In the South it is considered brave not to polish it for an open house.  I personally think the tarnish is pretty and has a shabby chic look.

It's the first pretty thing that I see in the morning and the last pretty thing I experience before I fall asleep and I have to tell you, and it may be for just me and me alone but,  I am in love.

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Robyn Story Designs Part 2

 As promised these picture of Robyn Story Designs beautiful shop in Tampa are from this year as well as some of my favorites from last year. 
 I loved the Victorian boots mixed with roses.
 I think that Robyn carries the most beautiful ribbon I have ever seen.
 The tree and floral  Designers are amazing.
 Lovely displays of seasonal beauty grace every square inch of her shop from top to bottom!

 I love, love, love, classic plaid ribbon, don't you?
 Red's and Gold
 I should have cropped the phone off but as you can see the phone lines are busy.  lol
 Forever current on the colors and trends of the season, as a vintage lover, I fell in love with this year's champagne colored themed room. 
I later found out that my hubby really liked this color as well which may play out well for me next year as I decorate.  We will see what Santa will bring.  Do you get Christmas decorations for Christmas presents?
 Last season's this beautiful creation hung over a fabulous mirror and was the Vintage room's theme.  I loved it then.
But as you can see, 
 it hanging over the front door or the Shabby Old House
I love it even more now!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Robyn Story Designs in Tampa FL

 Do you have a shop that fills you up with inspiration?
 My go to shop in Tampa is Robyn Story Designs where I am always greeted by name and with a big smile from Robyn and Lori.  
 Robyn is a very high energy, creative bundle of fun and amazing talent who treats her customers with kindness and care and it is doubtful that you would ever leave her shop feeling less than blessed for having been there. 
 I took these pictures before the shop was decorated for the holidays and tomorrow prepare to be Wowed!  It is just jaw dropping gorgeous in there right now.
 Wait until I tell you about this couch and the inspiration I drew from it.  And if Annie Sloan Chalk Paint means anything to you, you most likely have already guessed.
Just wait, I promise the next post is going to be fabulous!
If you are in Tampa for the holidays make sure you visit the shop.
You will be glad you did!  I promise.