Thursday, July 23, 2015

Juicy Gossip

Image by and Pinterest
The old gossip bench,  a place to sit and discuss your opinion of another's life style.  Do you indulge?  Are you the go to girl for the latest scoop on the goings on of others? 
Image from Pinterest source unknown
Or are you one that does not repeat gossip so your friends had better listen closely the first time? 
Image from Pinterest source unknown  
They say that gossip is like spilled glitter.   What a mess it makes.  No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to clean it all up.
Image from KimJLuv found on Pinterest
So the moral of my story is this.
Keep that glitter off your lips!

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people.
Eleanore Roosevelt 

Here's my Gossip Bench that I am taking in to the shop because  I no longer need it!
Wouldn't it be perfect in a "Tiny House?"
But that's another day and another post.
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