Sunday, April 26, 2009

Antique Garden Catalogs

These beautiful catalogs is what the post man would have been delivering about a century ago to the Shabby Old House. Make sure you click on the picture as it is amazing.
I am sure that the ladies of the house would have been scouring the pages dreaming as I often do of the beautiful flower beds that could be created around this old Victorian home.
This is a wonderful collection of Joseph Freedman and this article was in an old May
1994 Victoria Magazine that I found.
What I love about the old Victoria magazines is the history that they wrote of which keeps the magazine as interesting today as it was in 1994.
I learned that a sum as small as a dollar was enough for a magnificent garden.
The seed companies hired top artists to draft horticulturally accurate flower illustration, which were reproduced as lithographs and accompanied by the proud words, "drawn from nature."

This catalog from 1925 portrayed the garden of George Washington's sister Betty.
Oh how pretty the Shabby Old House could be with flower beds and gardens surrounding her.

Any ideas from you girls that study those wonderful gardening books?
I am open for lots of comments. I have a dollar too! lol So
if you want to come bringing your gloves and shovels I'll be happy to name the garden after you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Cat's Meow

There is a beautiful shop in Venice FL called the Cat's Meow and it is owned by two equally beautiful people, Mark and Susie Holt. These two have been a source of inspiration for me and when I need a beauty boost in that direction I head south.
The store carries the most beautiful funishings, bedding, clothing and gifts that one could ever imagine and on this particular day I wanted to surround myself with those things. I love what being around such talented people does for my soul.
I come away energized with new vision. Inside of me there is a new creation just waiting to be birthed in the Shabby Old House and places like this just stir me to action. Now stick around for a few days as I show you what fabulous finds could be yours. I don't mean to tempt you but.....I'm just saying......
How could you not be tempted by this?
The Cat's Meow
213 W. Venice Ave
Venice Fl

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Forgot My Camera

Oh the joys of packing! I actually don't mind it especially when I am heading to Eufaula. I look forward to placing all of my little collections in the Shabby Old House. So when we headed to Eufaula, I drove my SUV and Dave drove the truck and we had both loaded down with all the things that I have been gathering for the house. We have the house to the point that we actually had some overnight guest over Pilgrimage.
I forgot my camera and so my guests are going to share their pictures of Pilgrimage. We had a wonderful time touring all the old houses as well as hitting every antique shop around.
I picked up a disposable camera for these shots. Ya gotta love a Kodak.
This is a Vintage Pagent gown that I found this weekend. Now if I start dieting now perhaps I will be able to wear it for pilgrimage next year...
No doubt some pretty "little" southern belle wore this.
Have you visited Dream In Cream blog and seen her blog banner? There are the most beautiful pillows made by Felicia of Bountiful and they have been my inspiration for my next project. They even inspired the girls over at Antiques in Old Town.
Here is a sweet old vintage sofa that I have been dragging from room to room.
It is here in the Master Bedroom for now.

I love the carved wood but it gets lost on the floors so....

I painted it and now the detail pops off the floor.
I am on the hunt for the perfect rug.
I will be making lots of pillows. I was just playing with some that I had.
Can"t you see it loaded with lots of those pretty pillows?

As pretty as this wood is it is a toe breaker.
Perhaps now that it shows up on the floor I won't stub my toe and then have to repent.

Hope you will come back soon
I will be sharing with you my friends Susie and Mark's shop, The Cat's Meow.
You are going to love it.
It's another great place for inspiration.

Bye for now

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's So Much More

It's so much more than the Easter Bunny.
It's so much more than finding the right bonnet, dress and shoes.

It's so much more than just stepping inside the doors of a building called church.

Or wearing the perfect cross and having a Bible.
It's not Religion It's Relationship.
God Loves You
Plain and Simple.
I pray that the eyes of your understanding will be open to the revelation knowledge of who He is ....this Easter.
Happy Easter