Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fancy Flea 2013

 The weather was just perfect for the Fancy Flea held today in Lakeland, Florida.

 There were over 300 vendors set up for this wonderful market which is held twice a year.
  I would have to say that the crowd was more than likely a record crowd.
There were so many people that it was hard to take pictures so I found myself snapping them whenever I could and as fast as I could.
 My eyes found delight everywhere I could see when I could see between the people.
 I am always drawn to lace, ruffles, painted furniture, chandeliers and jewelry, hats, ironstone, and anything pretty!   I guess you could say pretty much every thing there!  What do you look for when you go to market?
 What a great chair!  

 Deb from Vintage Soul always rocks the market with a fabulous booth!

 I love this vintage prom dress.

The best part of the show to me is coming away with so many great ideas and of course all of the friends I see there.   It was a truly perfect day.
The next Fancy Flea will be in the fall.
Will you be there?

Thursday, April 4, 2013


As a young child I looked forward to spring for many reasons.  The discovery of the first bluebells in bloom was always such a joy to me.  
 I loved their colors most of all.   The shades of blue and pink are so lovely together.  
 I would pick pretty little bundles and carry them to my Mother and my Granny and the lady who lived next door.   I was always greeted with a big smile a kiss and a hug.
 I was blessed to live next door to my Grandparent's farm in the country and every field was not only my playground but my flower garden as well, with Violets, Spring Beauties, Clover and Queen Anne's lace.  As I think back on what beautiful bouquets I was able to create as a child it makes me smile because the best part of those beautiful flowers was the wonderful joy of
I wish you all a very happy Spring!