Sunday, March 3, 2013

Itty Bitty Pretty Weddings

One day after a long day of painting vintage furniture in my garage I came in to rest and started  playing on Pinterest which is my usual way to unwind,   I was taken in by a beautiful picture of a bride  adorned in a Magnolia Pearl dress and the setting for her wedding was in a field of clover by a beautiful lake.    All around her were wonderfully staged vintage pieces of furniture and decor.   As I looked up from the computer and out the window, my eyes following the path down to the lake just past the roses garden to the old iron gazebo and at that moment I knew a new adventure was just beginning.
My husband is ordained and can marry people and with a large amount of vintage goodies always at my command we have everything anybody could want in a small wedding venue.  So with this post I am pleased to announce the beginning of Itty Bitty Pretty Weddings.