Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shop Around The Corner

 It's the prettiest shop in historic Palm Harbor Fl and a visual treat for the eyes.
The Shop Around the Corner is a must  if you just happen to be in the area.
Not only will you find every perfect gift you can imagine but your purchase will be doing a very good thing.  
 Shop Around the Corner is a not for profit organization called Neighborly Care Network with a mission to help seniors in need with its health and wellness program that includes Meals on Wheels.
What a wonderful way to shop!
 To me this inspirational shopping trip was made even better by meeting Debbie Landis, the shops manager, buyer, and brilliantly creative designer.  
 Have you ever met someone that you just wanted to follow around and watch them do their magic?

 Her touches here and there around the shop will make you swoon.
 Who couldn't be dreaming of a White Christmas after seeing all these beautiful things.
 I don't think I have to say another thing but let you enjoy the bling blingy eye candy.
Guiltless and calorie free!
 And these are just a few of the pictures I took.  
 When you enter the shop there is the most beautiful upside down tree but the lighting just did not allow my camera to capture it well.   You will just have to go see for yourself!
 I loved the use of the sweet paper churches.
 Warning, you won't leave here without glitter on your face!
 I have a weakness for snowmen.  
 I love the clocks in the trees too.   Can't you just see them all strike 12 on New Year's Day.
Or are you one that takes your tree down the day after Christmas?
 I try to squeeze as many minutes into the season as I can.
So if your holiday finds you near Palm Harbor FL make sure you visit this beautiful shop.
Located at 1015 Omaha Circle.
Not only will you leave with glitter on your face but your very soul will sparkle too from all the beauty  that you will find within the walls of this wonderful place.