Monday, July 8, 2013

Christmas in July

 One has to a bit on the crazy side to be thinking of Christmas in July with temperatures in the high 90's and swimsuits hanging on the line,  however that is all I am doing these days.  A call came to my home mid June and a voice full of Southern charm and grace convinced me that our home was needed on the Christmas tour in December and  before I could sit back and contemplate what this all meant, I said yes.  Now mind you we have not yet finished our home or even moved there yet and most every Christmas thing I own is packed under the stairs and in the attic of our home in Florida.
Two years prior some dear friends of our had their home on the tour and they were pleased to find themselves still talking to each other by the time December rolled around.   When we told them of our commitment they just shook their heads and laughed and said they would be praying for us as our marriage would surely need a miracle.  So now as I have spent hours on my pinterest board on Christmas I ask you,  is this too bold for the old house?
With the stained glass directly above the door the traditional reds and greens of the past have just looked off.
I would love your imput and ideas and most importantly your prayers!

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