Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White Wednesday at Ivy's Porch

This is Ivy's Porch in Scott's Valley CA. It was a nice little surprise that my hubby darling love of my life treated me to. When I flew out to join him in CA for a business trip that he was on, I knew that our little mini vacation would have us visiting San Francisco and then on to Yosemite but I never dreamed that he would take the magazine that I brought to read on the plane ride, Romantic Homes, and map out a day of visiting as many Romantic shops that our days would allow.
Now they say, whoever they are, that the perfect vacation a couple can have is when you allow each person to do what they really want. I knew that he wanted to go to Yosemite and I wanted to see the Painted Ladies in San Francisco so this side trip was a beautiful gift to me.

So do you want to see Romantic Shop # 1?

And as you can see even the table says we are in for some "White." Perfect for a White Wednesday posting, don't you think?

White eye candy here and

White eye candy there.

How about a little slice of White?

And if you can't get enough White inside then lets go outside,

around White fountains and through white arbors until a little White cherub blesses you.

with an exlposion of beautiful pink roses climbing up White trellises.
Leaving you with one perfectly, White, beautiful quote.
I do thank God for this wonderful trip and most importantly for a wonderful hubby that shows me he loves me in so many colorful ways.

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