Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture and The Prairie Bed &Breakfast.

 Some people talk about their dreams and their one day plans and some people go into action and actually bring their dreams to life.  This would be well said of Rachel Ashwell's  newest adventure as well as her life.    She sets a plan and a goal in place and then goes after it with passion.   Her latest dreams completion is, The Prairie Bed and Breakfast and the opening of yet another beautiful Shabby Chic Couture shoppe on the property of her ranch in Round Top Texas of which I had the pleasure and I do mean pleasure of visiting.
 Sometimes all you have to do is take pictures and  let them speak for themselves which is what I think will work just fine for this post.   Filled full of beautiful things, the shop is perfectly ready for the guests that will be coming to Round Top/ Warrington/ famous Flea Market and Antique week.  
 On September the 27th at 6 p.m. there will be a book signing of Rachel's latest book and store opening. Having been to her store opening in London  I can tell you it will be a very special evening.   I wish that I could be there but I was blessed to have been able to visit The Prairie this week.  
 You will find the shelves are filled and waiting for visitors to make that bed of their own as beautiful as any one of the beds the sleepy guests of the Prairie slips in to at night.   
 Isn't the lavender big cushy chair wonderful?   I know my daughter has placed this on her wish list.
 Like me and so many that will grace the doors of this beautiful place you will walk away with many Shabby Chic Inspirations!
 From the linens to the lamps.....
 Did I mention the linens.......ahhhhh....the linens!
 Who ever dreamed that Rustic could ever be so beautifully inviting and the Chippy so sweet?
 You simply will not want to miss this visual treat and if you are lucky enough to stay in the B&B...You are lucky enough!
 The Prairie Bed and Breakfast would be a wonderful place to escape to for a honeymoon or for some re-kindling.
 My husband found this place to be equally as wonderful as I did.    But then again,  he is pretty wonderful for taking me here to visit and one day I do hope to come back as a guest.  However, with the visiting of The Prairie and the leaving I came away with renewed passion to get on with completing our plans of a Bed and Breakfast for The Shabby Old House.  

Once again Rachel....YOU INSPIRE ME!