Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Metamorphosis Going On Around Here

I promise that I didn't stay parked by the pool all of this time. I have been a busy girl.
I am in a great shop in South Tampa called Summer House and so my days are filled with at least one metamorphosis or two. This headboard is just an example of what I have been doing. I realize that not everybody is going to be thrilled that I painted this Antique East Lake Bed but as you can see that didn't stop me. And with hubby out of town I was feeling just a bit blue and this was the result.

Then hubby came home and he is my sanding expert. He doesn't like to leave anything looking new and Pottery Barn looking. Give it some character, he says. And being the character that he is, here you have it.
Oops....I wasn't going to show you how we made that pier mirror yet.
I will save that for next Met. Monday.

Have a great week.