Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Redcarpet 2012 It's All About The Dress

 Facebook was buzzing Sunday night with posts from friends in anticipation to see the gowns that Hollywood's favorites would wear.    It appeared that white was the favorite choice of the Red Carpet that evening, moving Gwyneth Paltrow to the top of the Best Dressed List,  in her stunning Tom Ford gown with cape.   I think her dress looked like something you might see royalty wear with its classic simple elegance while critics likened it to something you might see on a Super Hero
but that is their job and gratefully not mine.   
 I found the dress on Kristen Wiig to be one of my favorites.  For me personally this has been the year of the ruffle and layers of soft ruffles have found their way into my closet,  my curtains, my bedding, and all the way down to the leggings and socks on my feet.   So this gown got my pick as well as Camron Diaz's beautiful Gucci Premier gown. 
 From the simplicity of the top to the cascading flow of the soft ruffled skirt I found this dress to possess the feminine beauty that I would love to own. 
 I think that when choosing a dress, that dress should definitely allow it's wearer to look as beautiful coming in as she does leaving.   This gown too, made the Best Dressed list with it's ability to do both of these qualities.  Of course having a beautiful frame for such a gown works to that advantage.
And although you can hardly liken  the coming of the Pilgrimage to the Academy awards you can liken the feeling I have with those of any girl choosing a gown for any special event.     I find myself wishing I had friends with Louis Vuitton, or Gucci  with their availability to beautiful fabrics and patterns and talented seamstresses and the finances of any of the stars above for I believe that this would be the dress I would choose for the day.  
I don't believe that the entrance of the Petry-Honan House has a red carpet but if it did and all of the above were mine, this would be my dress.
Would it make a Best Dressed List?   In my mind it certainly would.   Would it in the mind of critics?  Who cares?   For this is my little dream and they are not invited to it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Victorian Elegance

 Oh, to have lived in the years of Queen Victoria's reign.  What girl wouldn't love to dress from head to toe in such elegance?
I have been dreaming of this time over the last couple of month, studying fashion and hair and everything Victorian.  
 Like just about everybody I know, I have  also become addicted to Pinterest. Each visit does not disappoint, but rather leaves me with one glorious idea after another and boards full of beautiful photos from the time I spend there. 
 These are just a few of the dresses that I have tried on over and over again...in my mind that is.
I can almost hear the swish of the fabric on the floor.  Why all the Victorian era dreaming?  It's soon to be that time again in Eufaula, Alabama when the town dresses up to greet all the guests that will arrive to tour the homes and learn of it's amazing history.  Pilgrimage 2012 is just around the corner and  this will be my second year of volunteering at the Petry- Honan House.  I love that they ask their volunteers to dress in period fashions and for a few short days I get to step back in this beautiful time in history. 
Stop back to visit as I will share pictures of the day or better yet come to Eufaula and take a little trip back in time for yourself.