Friday, January 30, 2009

Victoria's Antique Warehouse

My dining room is a work in progress. I am happy to say that we actually were able to have Christmas dinner in the Shabby Old House this year.
One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house is the China Hutch.
I don't have it decorated exactly the way I want it but as you can see I am playing around with what I have there. I am all ears for suggestions.
I purchased this wonderful cabinet from my friend Vickie who is the owner of Victoria's Antique Warehouse in Leesburg Florida.
I will be posting for the next few days on this beautiful shop.
I have been taking pictures of the shop for years now and I have made a scrapbook that is filled with beautiful vinettes and fabulous European antiques.

Meet my friend Vickie. She recently started a blog and you can visit it as well as her website.

Just behind the french door is a warehouse of furniture, mantles, architectural pieces, old doors, French beds and armoires waiting for the masters touch. Her customers can browse the back and she will help you create that unique piece for your home.
Look at this fabulous mantle that has been created.

And then there is the shop. If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere.
In fact when I visit the shop I always find myself not wanting to leave.
So if you are ever in the neighborhood of Leesburg. This is the shop that you simply must not miss. It is just off the main street and honey it is well worth the trip.

I will show you some more of her wonderful creations tomorrow.
I just may have her create a custom kitchen for me.
I have some great photos of the kitchen cabinets that she is making.
You won't want to miss this.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Blue Room

I am still working on the Blue Room
This is the Bedding set that I chose.
I want to cozy this room up more so I am open for suggestions.
I will post more pictures of the rest of the room next week.
I start a room and then we come home and I collect the assessories that I need from home.
I went up shorthanded this trip. So tell me girls what do I try to bring back next week.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Viewer's choice

In a previous post I showed you this mirror in the bathroom as well as the one below.

The majority voted for this one so I put it back up last weekend. I had brought it back to Tampa and was using it in the Roselake Cottage bath but I got to thinking about your comments and I have to agree I like the square one better. So thanks for your help.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures and I know that it is in a peculiar place but at least it is viewed often. lol

This tiny bathroom is filled with my favorite colors.

I love the chandelier. It is from Ballard Designs.
Do you see that little closet up above? This is where we will store our Christmas decorations but first it needed to be cleaned out. It was really creapy in there.
Dave crawled in it to clean it out. It had old clothes and papers and he was lucky enough to find a box with 2 old fishing lures and 2 pocket knives. A nice reward for him and four bags of stuff for the trashman.

This bathroom is off the Blue Room. I hope to get back to that project soon.
Tomorrow I will be posting about the Dining room
I would love some idea.
Are you game?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Blue Room

We have been working on the blue bedroom at our Shabby Old House.
I found this print of Victorian Ladies and everything else started to fall into place.
I wonder what kind of dresses I would have worn if I had lived during this period.
Have you ever thought about what yours might have looked like?
I know that I would have had a cameo broach as I love them.
I started to dream of these dresses as a little girl.
This is my doll and I can still remember the Christmas that I got it. Her dress has faded with the years but she is still so pretty.
She was from Sears. Do you remember how you felt when the Sears Christmas catalog arrived?
I remember it well. Each year I would get a pretty doll.
Now she is right at home in our Victorian Cottage.
I am not quite finished with the Blue room but when I am you will be the first to see it.