Saturday, August 23, 2008

Restoring a Victorian Cottage

This is our Shabby Old House located in Eufaula AL. If you have seen the movie "Sweet Home Alabama," you have had a peek of Eufaula. As Reese Witherspoon comes driving back home she actually is driving on Eufaula Ave and the first house shown is just down the street from ours.
We discovered Eufaula while on a buying trip for our store, Lace and Lures. Drawn to the charm of the town and its wonderful oh so friendly people and the famous Lake Eufaula we started to have dreams of opening a Bed and Breakfast packaging it with Fishing guide work. We thought this was a great retirement plan. So now we are in the process of restoration. I will be taking you room by room but keep in mind it will always be a work in progress, slowly but surely becoming the Beautiful Victorian Lady she once was.
Here we go.
PS...go soft on me because you will be seeing lots of pink!


Sharon said...

I'll be watching, this will be great fun.

Anne Fannie said...

Becky this house is just adorable! How much fun will that be to fix it up! Your town sounds divine!

my passion said...

Hi Becky, lucky's such a charming cottage with that fairytale look. Looking forward to see more of it in future...


Kuala Lumpur

Seawashed said...

Oh my goodness. God is good. I wish I could live in a cottage like this.

I am a lover of white, so of course my vote is to keep it white! My guess though, is that you want to paint it pink.

goddessof4 said...

I love this house.My dream is to have a three story victorian house w/wrap around porch(3rd floor ballroom).It is great to see people follow their dreams and that Dreams come true!!! I can't wait to see more!!! Also I love pink!!!!

Idaho Quilter said...

I love this old house, I will be watching for sure.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found you. I wish you luck and success. :)

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