Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter

Dear Child....Welcome to the World

In your adventures here...I wish for you...

An endless trail of stars for you to dance under.

Long teddy bear moments that make you feel warm and loved and safe.

I wish

Angels at night to whisper in your ears, telling you how special you are to God and to us

I wish your world a playground of happy times and dreams that come true. May your world be bright with balloon colors and the sound of laughter.

Dear Child ...I wish you always the celebration of the love that you are................... Mom

I wrote this in your baby book several years ago and I still wish it for you today.

Happy 28th Birthday

I am so proud of the beautiful young woman that you have become.

I love you


Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink Saturday Featuring The Cat's Meow

It has been awhile since I have joined in on Pink Saturday. I had run out of Pink inspiration, I hear you gasp, until I learned that one of my favorite shops had a new location.

This is where I go when I want Pink inspiration.

It's the Cat's Meow, a beautiful shop now in Ellenton FL, about a half hour trip from Tampa and owned by Mark and Susie Holt.

Does Pink get any better than this???

I don't think so.

This sofa is one of many of Susie's creations.

She uses some of the prettiest fabrics and knows just what to mix and match to create some of the most beautiful slipcovers.

How sweet is this room at the top of the stairs?

Don't you just want everything here?

Susie carries a beautiful line of bedding.

It makes me want to redo my bedroom every time I visit as she mixes and matches her beautiful magic often on some of wonderful Beds that she sells in her shop as well.

I love to zero in on all of the details of her decorating. Look at these lovely touches of pink.

Look at the clothing hanging in the background too.

She carries Magnolia Pearl clothing and some other romantic styles.

From beautiful painting by Christie Repasy to wonderful old chippy paint furniture, Susie has everthing you will need to fill your house with Pink that a word?

But she is not just about pink. Here is a wonderful antique green bedroom set with beautiful pink roses. Yes girls, I found my pink fix here and you can too.

Whether to come visit her shop personally or shop online, you will not be disappointed.

Just tell her Becky sent you.

Please be sure to visit my other blog for more Pink.

and then click on over to visit our wonderful host Beverly and all the other gals who love pink.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

My White Wednesday

There is a wonderful day going on in Blogland called White Wednesday.
I played a bit too much yesterday and was too late to post but I think that this is just too pretty to wait until next week. I surrounded myself with all the wonders of White and spent a good portion of my day with Susie and Mark Holt, owners of the Cat's Meow.

They have relocated their beautiful shop to Ellenton FL.
I will be sharing all the pictures I have taken over the next few days.
These pictures I have taken from the shop's wonderful website.

Here is just one of the magical rooms you will see.

The new location is 3711 US 301 North
Ellenton FL
and their website is

Wait until you see my Pink Saturday Post.
It's going to be beautiful thanks to Susie and Mark.
Check out
My other blog for more pictures of the Cat's Meow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank You For Your Prayers

I am so blessed and amazed by this caring community of blogging friends that I have.
Thank you so much for your prayers and comments concerning my daughter. Thankfully she is feeling so much better. Prayer works and God is good.
And your friendship means so much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please keep my daughter in your prayers.

Turning 28 doesn't mean that she is no longer my little girl. She will always
be and I will always want to see her smile.
My baby went into the hospital today. Please keep her in your prayers.

The Boy Likes to Fish

I miss my boy! I wish he was fishing in the lake behind the house.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Alot of changes have been made to the Shabby Old House. Since there wasn't a laundry room we decided to take the area where the old back porch use to be and wall it up. As soon as we finish the laundry room I will show you that. But for today this is what the back room turned out to look like. I still have much to do but it is cozy for now.
This is the wall that was added.

The wall behind the old mirror is where the window use to be.
Now my guest have privacy.

And one day I hope to put a shelf running the distance of the window up and then decorate over the window. But that is going to be another post.
Hope your weekend is filled with rewarding projects.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Renovating An Old Victorian is Messy

Straight ahead is the little sun room that was added on to the Shabby Old House. It is bright and cheery although a humble frame. The main house is just before the left side of the railing. When they added the den to the house they covered the original window. The Roof slopes and although you can't see it in this picture they left about a foot of window sticking out above the sloping roof. So when you walked into the room from outside you saw 3/4 of a window. Nice realy nice. And get this, you could actually look through that window into the bedroom. Welcome to my bed and breakfast. Don't mind that window. We keep the shades pulled. lol
These brilliant hobblers did the same thing again. They made a nice L shaped room but the window to the 2nd bedroom in the hall was open to the room as well.
Somehow I just don't think that would ever fly with our guests. lol
And you can see that we have been trying out paint samples. My hubby even got on the ladder and did a two tones green to see if we liked it. How can you go wrong with green? Or can you?!
The whole room was painted this color and very very dirty.
See that window and door. This would have been the original back door and that window is one that goes to the Master Bedroom. There is another window on the other side as well and it looked into the kitchen.. Can't you see in your mind how cute this back porch could have been. Throw in some steps a landing and some gingerbread trim and oh honey that would have been all I needed.
The roof leaked and so in fixing that we fixed the ceiling with drywall. I really struggled spending any money to renovate any portion of this room. But we couldn't leave those issues the way they were.

What a pretty thing I am. lol

So you are in the house from the back. You see we covered the window. Isn't the floor lovely too. It slopes just like the roof. lol

But the windows are cute. Except there are bee bee holes in them.
We think that Old Mr Baker may have been shooting at the Bats...
And that is another story for another day.
I will show you where we are with the room tomorrow.
Sure hope you come back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Look at the Backside

I fell in love with the Shabby Old House because of all the gingerbread trim. I have always dreamed of owning a house with a porch like this one.
Ask me how I feel about it all when we start scrapping and painting it in the fall. I have a feeling it is going to be a project that I won't be able finish quick enough. Although I am certain the finished project will be such a reward.
If you live in the Historic district of Eufaula anything you do must be approved to strict guidelines. We will soon be submitting color choices and keeping our fingers crossed. I have heard from some that this board is a strict one. I think that this is good within reason. I only wished a strict board was around when they submitted a building permit for the additions that were added on.
Let's have a look at her backside. I can almost feel her blush with embarassment.
As you can see they tacked on two rooms and a horrible stoop. The room to the left is the sunroom which is off of the back bedroom bath. The room to the right with the steps leading up to it is what is suppose to be a den family room.
I was so hoping to win the lotto or inherit a fortune from a rich relative so that I could just knock these rooms off and properly add on to them, but since nothing like that has happened we have just had to make due.
I will take you in tomorrow.
I hope you will come back.