Thursday, July 2, 2009

Renovating An Old Victorian is Messy

Straight ahead is the little sun room that was added on to the Shabby Old House. It is bright and cheery although a humble frame. The main house is just before the left side of the railing. When they added the den to the house they covered the original window. The Roof slopes and although you can't see it in this picture they left about a foot of window sticking out above the sloping roof. So when you walked into the room from outside you saw 3/4 of a window. Nice realy nice. And get this, you could actually look through that window into the bedroom. Welcome to my bed and breakfast. Don't mind that window. We keep the shades pulled. lol
These brilliant hobblers did the same thing again. They made a nice L shaped room but the window to the 2nd bedroom in the hall was open to the room as well.
Somehow I just don't think that would ever fly with our guests. lol
And you can see that we have been trying out paint samples. My hubby even got on the ladder and did a two tones green to see if we liked it. How can you go wrong with green? Or can you?!
The whole room was painted this color and very very dirty.
See that window and door. This would have been the original back door and that window is one that goes to the Master Bedroom. There is another window on the other side as well and it looked into the kitchen.. Can't you see in your mind how cute this back porch could have been. Throw in some steps a landing and some gingerbread trim and oh honey that would have been all I needed.
The roof leaked and so in fixing that we fixed the ceiling with drywall. I really struggled spending any money to renovate any portion of this room. But we couldn't leave those issues the way they were.

What a pretty thing I am. lol

So you are in the house from the back. You see we covered the window. Isn't the floor lovely too. It slopes just like the roof. lol

But the windows are cute. Except there are bee bee holes in them.
We think that Old Mr Baker may have been shooting at the Bats...
And that is another story for another day.
I will show you where we are with the room tomorrow.
Sure hope you come back.


Just A Girl said...

Hey sweet friend! Those windows alone would have sold me on your cottage. I've always envisioned a darling sun room off my kitchen, but alas, I'll probably never get one. That's OK because I'm pretty sure my heavenly cottage will have one that will make my heart drop ;-).

Have a lovely evening!!!
xoxo Cori

Lisa said...

It looks beautiful! You are gonna have a blast decorating it!
PS I love your peeps.:)

Unknown said...

You go girl! It looks great. I love old houses, ours before this one was built in 1912. I wish I could have moved it, but I like the room we have now! Great job!!



Deanna said...

Becky, You have a treasure here! Keep up the great work. It's looking good.

I completely understand renovating and the mess. My house is 125 years old and I haven't posted any pics yet of the messy while fixing it up, but I know it isn't the easiest thing to remodel and live in amongst the work.

So glad you're sharing and it's neat to see what you're doing.

May you have a sparkling 4th of July and God Bless you,

June said...

Boy do I admire your energy. Painting that ceiling does not look like my idea of fun. But change is painful they say. Your house will be sooo beautiful when it is done. Take care Becky, and thank you so much for the visits. They make my day.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

Loving the paint gear...looks all too familiar!


FEDERICA said...

I like that color! It looks beautiful!

This is the address that you asked me!

A Southern Rose said...

It is very pretty and going to be even more beautiul when you get finished! I love those windows! I can just see lace curtains on them with the sun shinning through. Are you making it into your sunroom?
Lee Laurie

Thru Pink Curtains said...

that reminds me of my day i came home from work and noticed there were many.....many holes in the bathroom door and ceiling. i said what on earth is this!!!!!...they had been shooting flies in the ceiling and target practice on the bathroom door. i nearly flipped a lid....but they they are boys and i only threw the door away a few months ago. they have been gone from home a few years now and married......

Jennifer said...

Your place is wonderful... I'm jealous!
I live in Texas but I'm from Florida. I can't figure out (or find on google) where Eufaula is... What part of the state are you in?
Blessings and keep goin'!