Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Steampunk Festival

 This past weekend the annual Steampunk Festival was held at Rennigars in Mt. Dora, FL.  I had always wanted to go and I was not disappointed by the creativity of all the characters in cosplay that day.  This sweet young mother had a beautiful booth set up selling clothing and hats.
 Sleeping peacefully was her tiny little baby doll.  
 You might not be familiar with Steampunk so I will give you my best attempt at trying to define it.  It's playful costumes and gadgets that reflect a futuristic technology on the 19th century.  Think the elegance of the Victorian Era in the time of the Industrial Revolution.  Think steam engines.  Think time travel.
 Now think role playing and character creations, each unique with their own individual stories.
 I kind of like to think of it as looking in your Great-Grandparent's album and bringing that time back.  All the good, all the beauty which is why I think I love it so much.  The history and elegance of the Victorian time was just like no other time and one that I would love to travel back and forth to.
 Add to that just enough funky to make it fun.
 So come play with me. What might you need for your character creation?  A top hat and corset for sure.
 Your boots might have gears reflecting your time travel.
 Search for all your gismos and gadgets and start your creation or let someone create it for you.

 The men seem to love this part of it.  Check out in detail these too gents.
 These time traveling inventors most certainly took many days in their creations.
 Re entry to the 2018 Steampunk Festival was pretty rough on this guy on the bike but he made it.  lol
And of course when you find the perfect pet you absolutely must time travel with them as well. 
 And what would time travel be if on the other side of it you didn't find your Jamie?
I watched carefully,  somebody had to do it, and he didn't find his Claire.  Perhaps at the next festival he will.  All I know is that I'm going and in costume!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A little frosting.

We got just a little bit of frosting on our gingerbread trim this past week.   Don't you just love a little dusting of snow.  It's a rare treat in the south and I found it to be delicious!