Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Springtime on the Lake

 What a wonderful time of year.   It's as though the lake is dressed up in it's finest when the water lilies start to bloom.   All around the edges their white flowers sparkle in the sun luring us to come out for a closer look.   
 And just underneath the pads there is a fisherman/woman's delight.
Ah yes, springtime on the lake,  
  a perfect time of conversation between my hubby and me.  We tease back and forth about who is the better fisherman.
 He likes to tell me what a good Captain he is and how a good Captain always puts you on the fish.
 And an even better Captain even takes the fish off the hook.
 And a Super Captain keeps you smiling to which he did.
 And my Romantic Captain helped me pick a perfect lily for a spring bouquet.
 Ah yes, springtime on the lake,

my favorite time of year!
Joining Kathleen of Faded Charm for White Wednesday.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing with Picmonkey

I have been reading about Picmonkey for photo editing so I thought I would give it a try today.  The weather here was a little cloudy and so my pictures reflected that.  One of these days I am going to take a photography class and learn just what to do with lights and setting and and such.  I need to stop being  a point and shoot girl.
Picmonkey  is very easy to use and in this picture I used the auto adjust.  It certainly brightened it.
However my original picture makes me want to crawl in to the bed and take a nap.
This pictures says....draw the shades.  Or, " It's time to get up!"
I'm not really sure if I don't like the original pictures from my camera better.  I think they are softer.
The good thing about taking pictures is that is makes you clean up a room or hide as much as you can from the camera.   My daughter is coming over to spend the night.   We live close to the airport and she flies out tomorrow to look for a new home in Kentucky.   I don't know what I will do without my sweet, sweet girl but  I will make sure that when she is here she feels special.   This is Natalie's Room.   My girl loves lilac and purple.  My girl is my best friend and I am really going to miss her!