Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Little Before and After

 I guess everything will be painted turquoise until the paint is gone.  
 I love the transformation of this armoire.   
 I thought about painting it white.   For a few seconds that is.
But the carved detail and original hardware made me choose the bold color.
I love it.
Off to the shop it goes.
1/2 can left...what will be next?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Texas Inspiration

 Don't you just love it when amazing opportunities present themselves to you and you find yourself waking up in a town you have always dreamed of visiting.  Last year my husband's job took us to Austin and I just now found my camera card from that trip and I realized from the pictures that I pulled up just how much that visit had influenced me.    
 I fell in love with the color turquoise.  From just this visit alone my paint brush has made the happy transition from white and creams.  Although whites and creams are still a very popular color choice for many of the furniture finds that I have put in the shop, turquoise seems to fly out of the door these days. 
 This bed was amazing.  I don't think any colors speak of the West like turquoise and silver and rich earthy tans and browns.
 This shop, located in Fredricksburg TX,  was one of the finest examples of Texas style I have seen.
And this was one of my favorite Texas inspired pieces.  It was hard to say goodbye.  
How has Texas inspired you?