Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Springtime Whites in Eufaula

I look forward to the drive to Eufaula from Florida in the springtime.   You just never know what flowering subject will make it's debut from one week to the next.    I saw the most amazing trees filled from limb to limb with beautiful white blossoms and what a spectacular show they made all the way from Tallahassee to Eufaula.

Their beauty lined the roads and graced many lawns.    I found myself saying to myself, "  I am going to have to plant one of these amazing trees just as soon as I can find one."     I couldn't wait to find out just what they were.  
For as many years as we had been going back and forth from FL to Eufaula I had never seen them before.    It's hard to leave warm sunny Florida in the winter months so our timing this year was just right to see these pretty spring beauties.   You can only imagine my joy when I found that the Shabby Old House had her very own gloriously white flowering tree.  
All dressed up for springtime and waiting to greet us it welcomed us home.

I got dizzy looking upward into all the blossoms.
And when I couldn't look up anymore I  decided to take a walk around the town.  Eufaula is such a beautiful town in the spring.  The trees were everywhere and it wasn't until I went to see my dear friend that I figured out exactly what they were.   In the fall the trees lining the roads in my friends neighborhood are the most beautiful shades of autumn.   She told me that her Grand Daddy had lovingly planted them and to my surprise those very same beautiful trees were covered in white blossoms.  The mystery was solved
They were Flowering Pears.  So if you want to beautify your corner of the world I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with this beautiful tree,  unless of course you have allergies.  To that I give you my sincere apology because I plan to plant one more tree!
Make sure you check out the wonder of whites today.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage White Iron

The collections of vintage white iron pieces  are perfect additions to any secret garden plans one might be dreaming of.  In fact if it were possible I would take every square inch of this peaceful plot along with every crusty, rusty iron delight.
 I can just see this collection under the big magnolia tree in the yard at our Shabby Old House.   I actually did take the herb planter home.  I didn't mind the rush hour traffic with the glorious smell of lavender filling the air.  It really is calming.  

 A vintage white iron table and chairs with loads of white flowers would welcome my guests.  This planter just may be next to come home with me.
 Rooms without walls or doors tucked in quiet corners of the yard are just waiting to be created and never have I dreamed as much as I dream when I stop to linger in the nursery area of this sweet little shop in Tampa.  
   I am so happy that you have joined me today as I share for Kathleen's White Wednesday, a shop I have come to love in Tampa.
Relics has it all.  Fabulous furniture and flowers and wonderful vintage lawn furnishings and garden decor. Truly a wonderful mix of old and new.