Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Granny Collage

I think my Grandmother's picture would be happier here.
I pulled a few more of her things together.
Her Christening bonnet,
Small picture of her mother.
A sweet picture of her as a little girl.
And the gloves that I remember.
She would stroke my hand in church with them on.
I guess it took the wiggle out of a me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

An Old Photo of my Grandmother

I am looking forward to the Pilgrimage this weekend in Eufaula.

There will be ladies dressed in period fashions.

My friend Cory just did a wonderful post today regarding Victorian fashion.

If you love this kind of thing then make sure you go for a visit. Her blog is beautiful and filled with lots of pretty things. http://gingerbreadcrumbsandcompany.blogspot.com/

The picture above is my grandmother. She looked stunning in her beautiful outfit.

I wish it was one that she had saved.

I am grateful to have the picture.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Cubby, An Old Dress and a Collection

There was a project that Dave tackled a few months ago that involved a little closet in the bathroom. It had been used for storage and what we found was a bag of old clothes. This dress was in the bag. It was in really rough shape and I threw it out. Then I decided to go dig it out of the trash because it was a piece of history of the family that lived in the house , The Bakers family.
My pictures are out of order. I wish I knew why they do this sometimes. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Back to the dress. The top of the dress was shot so I just played away with the old fabric. I took off collars and ruffles and created the top myself.

And for the rest of the collection. It waits in our garage in Tampa for its trip to Eufaula.
I found this sofa and chair and it just had to go to Eufaula.
Especially for the amazing price I paid.
Our next project will be on our most difficult room in the house.
I will need all the ideas I can get from you all.

This will be the bones of what I am going to work with.
I am loving the creams and browns and whites.
I am anxious to get busy on it next week.
That is if I don't play the whole time with friends that are coming for the Pilgrimage.
Hmmm work or play? What shall I do?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Garden Tours

This lovely garden will be one to be enjoyed by vistors to Eufaula for the Pilgrimage.
There are three more garden tours planned.
I will be posting all about it upon my return.

The azaelas will be in full bloom and this just adds to the charm.

The Eufaula Pilgimage is Coming

If you saw Sweet Home Alabama you saw this home.
Not only are all these homes on tour but there will be gardens and ghost walks.
And we are praying for beautiful weather.
I can't wait!

You'll experience Southern hospitality at its finest when you visit Eufaula, Alabama during its 44th Annual Pilgrimage on April 3, 4 and 5, 2009.
Beautiful historic homes, built in the days when "cotton was king", will be open to visitors during this nostalgic return to the Old South.Grand ante-bellum and Victorian mansions built by 19th century planters and merchants still house family heirlooms, the precious symbols of a bygone era.

Most of the homes are private residences, open only during the annual Pilgrimage. As you stroll from Greek Revival cottagesto Italianate showplaces, your path will be lined with colorful azaleas and dogwoods. Beautifully landscaped gardens and manicured parkways will entice you through the Seth Lore-Irwinton Historic District. Southern belles in hoops and bustles will grace the gardens and verandahs and greet you warmly as you pass.The Pilgrimage Queen and Princesses are joined by other senior high school girls to form the Pilgrimage Queen's Court.
Hundreds of local volunteers guide visitors on tours throughthe homes and churches during the pilgrimage.
Something for everyone can be found in Eufaula during the spring tour of homes. An open-air art exhibit, gardens, afternoon teas, candlelight tours, musical entertainment and more complement the Pilgrimage experience. A prestigious antique show will appeal to browsers and collectors. Buildings dating from the1800s await you in a revitalized downtown. Many of them are open to the public during the annual tour.

Touring Eufaula

The Shorter MansionThe Presbyterian Church

The Honan House

Foy-Beasley House

Fendall Hall