Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Parking it Here Today

This is where I am spending the day. Seems like a good place to park it for a few hours and enjoy this beautiful day of rest.
I've got my tea, my sunscreen, and towel and a great book.
Have you read it?
It is called Crazy Love.

So I am just going to park it hear and meditate on this.
And if my sunscreen doesn't work well then you will see me on the next Pink Saturday posting.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Want to hear some juicy gossip????

I just found out from Kelly who found out from ....who found out from........
who found out from.......who found out from Jennifer that there is going to be a party in blogland and we should share it and get the word out about this big Reveal of Cottage 8. Don't you just love a juicy little bit of information. Well girls get ready for this. On Monday, Jennifer of The Old Painted Cottage will be revealing to all of blogland her cottage. She has been teasing us for months now and we have all eagerly awaited this day. Congratulations Jennifer. I know it is going to be wonderful.
See you all there girlfriends.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Want to Lead You Down the Right Path

Would you like to come along with me to the beach today? Follow this path to Anna Marie Island.
Do you have your Sunscreen on?
I have to tell you it is pretty hot here in Florida today so let's go get something to drink. Where should we go? Do you ever find yourself asking questions like that when you are on vacation? Do you ever find yourself asking the question and then learning too late of several places that you should have gone to. Well, I have and that is why I love to tell people about the places that I have discovered, like this one, Ginny's and Jane's at the old IGA in Anna Marie Island.

I knew when I stepped in the door and saw this that I was in for a treat. It wasn't just a great gift shop it was a funky fun shop and I would have loved to have purchased several things there. There were great Coastal furnishings and decor, artwork,cool gifts a bakery and an internet cafe. Nicely packaged don't ya think?

Hubby wants me to get a bathing suit like this one. I will have to say that her hair looks better than mine after I come out of the water.

Weathered, vintage, coastal and colorful furnishings are all around the shop.

We ate the best quiche and shared an incredible dessert.
This is Marcia, the store manager. When I asked her to stand by her favorite thing in the shop she ran over and stood up on the couch by this great picture.
Mona Lisa gone Coastal!
How great is that.
For more Waterside Wednesday fun go to Barbara Jacksier's blog
Have Fun

Monday, August 10, 2009

Met Monday and a Thrifty Treasure And a Garage Dream

A Thrifty Treasure just might make this old girl a charmer!
I have always been fond of buildings made from old thing like windows, porch columns and doors and such but this week's thrifty find has really started me dreaming.
I had a great day out on Saturday. The thrill of the hunt was racing through my veins.
My new friend Carol and fellow vendor of Summer House invited me to go with her to some of her favorite shops. We left Tampa early a.m. and shopped all the way down to Anna Marie Island. She is a rep for Panama Jack and knows where some really neat shops are.
At one particular place along our way she spotted a great piece of iron and quickly purchased it.
I love old iron and as she was buying I jokingly asked the lady if she had anymore laying around.
She didn't so I teased and said you wouldn't want to sell that great gate around your door would you? With that she looked at her husband and said, "we will sell it." Happy Dance.... Happy Dance.... A great price was stuck, a fall down giggle on the ground kind of price and we unloaded and reloaded the back of Carol's Jeep, only able to bring two of the three pieces home.
The beauty of the filled vehicle was that I got to come back to Bradenton on Sunday for the pick up and so I took my hubby back to the great shop she took me too and then we went to the beach for the afternoon. I'll be posting about that great shop and the beach on Wednesday.
Here is my Fabulous Find. It would make a great headboard and footboard too, don't ya think?
I even see potential to use the smaller piece to make a potting bench.
But then I started to think of a great couple of old French doors that I have and a great piece of tin and 2 old porch columns.
So I drew this out as the vision sprang forth. Now the trick will be to get my DH to give up yet another garage and when and if he does you can be sure that I will be letting you all know about it on Met Monday. I can see a Chandelier hanging over a great old farm table....a pool to the side of the garage....our grill enclosed with a great potting bench like shelf using that other piece of iron.
A girl just has to dream don't you think?
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Have fun!