Friday, May 31, 2013

This little light of mine

 Last week I found myself turning the car around rather quickly to go to an Estate Sale that was in a lovely retirement community.  When I stepped into the home my heart raced as my eyes spotted one treasure after another.  I was almost sad for not having met the dearly departed mother of the ladies hosting the sale, for she had loved the things that I love and I knew that we would have been fast friends.   When I spotted these lamps I knew in an instant that they were coming home with me.  That is if the price was right and as I spoke with the ladies of their mother's treasures, I pulled out my phone to show them a picture of my bedroom and exactly where they would go.   With a tear in their eyes they told me that she would have been delighted to know of the home that they would go to.  It was a comfort to them and a delight to me.
 I knew they were big lamps.  I would guess them to be about 3-4 feet tall and the base filled my bedside tables.  I may have to come up with another place to put them.
 As I was placing them I discovered this signature and stamp I rushed to the computer to see just exactly what the story was on these lamps.
The lamps were created by the JB Hirsch Lighting Company and these were a part of the Francaise Collection which were made from molds of the famous French bronze sculptor LF Moreau and his brothers.
 During the time of WW1 various bronze founderies began to hide the molds fearful they would fall into the hands of the Nazis.
 The molds were taken apart and the parts were scrambled.
 In 1948-1963 over 200 molds were unearthed.
 When JB Hirsch learned of this discovery he brought back several molds from France.  Putting them together was like figuring out a zigsaw puzzle with much the same delight of the completed accomplishment.
 I am amazed by the wonderful details of these lamps.
I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of history.  I hope that in the telling I haven't made any mistakes.   
Today I am joining Debra of Common Ground Vintage Inspiration  and the Show and Tell party at My Romantic Home  and French Country Cottage.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Reflections

 I found this picture of The American's Creed at a yard sale and  I knew that it would be a perfect gift for my husband who served in the Marine Corp.  It spoke to every sentiment that he holds in high regard and of which I so appreciated him for.
The American's Creed was written in 1917 when  patriotic sentiments were very popular.  Most Americans felt, as the creed states, it was their duty to love their country, support its constitution and obey its laws, to respect its flag and to defend it against all enemies.  Sadly, just as this garage sale Creed was considered something to be gotten rid of at very little cost so we find today in our wonderful country the same values that once made us great being forsaken. 

 It use to be a value that was taught then and one that as good Americans we should not fail to teach our children today.
 The children of that time knew then as well as many do today that Freedom has a very high price.  Today, as we remember with thankful hearts, our Veterans who served and are serving our country, may we also remember and  give thanks for the men and women who have served and serve us in another capacity and yet with the same mindset and sacrificial cost, that being our Policemen, Firemen and other First Responders.  We are so grateful to you for your service this past week in Oklahoma.  You made a difference to so many.  

As we celebrate our
Happy Memorial Day may we keep in our mind and in our prayers the many who have served this great country so well.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Morning Light

 Today as the morning light came streaming in my window I told myself that today I would play in it's glow.   I quickly made up the bed and grabbed my camera and tried as I could to capture the feel of the morning.
 There wasn't much time today to sit and drink coffee in my cozy chair  I scurried around tweeking the room before getting ready to spend some time with my grandbabies.
 I grabbed roses from a bouquet that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day and placed them here and there.
 I am not so sure that I needed to turn on the light but I did.

 I had been meaning to add the plaque to my bed for months and finally today I did.

One last look before I go out the door.
I hope you have a beautiful day.
I am joining Debra today of Common Ground.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bedloo...for all of your 2 choice questions.

Hello blogging friends,  this is my son's new website. This is a fun and simple tool that makes it easy for your followers to help you make decisions that are important to you.

I had almost given up on my blog.  In fact I have seen several of my favorite blogs go months without a post.  Why do you think that is? Have you ever felt that way before?  I know for me coming up with perfect pictures and then content was a challenge and took precious time and when I would come back to check my comments there would only be a couple of comments to my post.  It was always good to hear from those faithful blog friends but it would also make me feel like nobody else was reading. Have you ever felt this way?  But what I feel had really happened is that people like to look and time does not allow you to make comments  on every blog you visit and one can only say, " That is Beautiful!" so much.   We need a quick fix sometimes to give our blog a boost and I believe Bedloo is it.
#1 You don't have to scroll to the comments to speak up you can click to vote right on the picture.
# 2  You can remain anonymous with your vote.
# 3 It's easy and can link up with your Facebook, and Twitter, while continuing to drive your blogs exposure.
#4  It's fast and helpful interaction!
#5 It can help you to make the better choice before you dive in to a home/project and waste time and energy and money.
#6 It's free!

The above picture regarding the table was a decision we needed to make regarding an auction item my husband was building.  The vote so far has been for natural legs and so by just posting this  Bedloo we feel that it will drive the bids because we have built the most desirable choice for the auction.  
How helpful is that!
So give this a try my friends.
Vote on my table pictures please!
Skip the comment and vote!