Monday, July 12, 2010

Yes Honey...let's clean the garage!

We have one of those garages that is packed with wonderful things that I have collected over time.

When opening my garage door and peering in, few people would see the potential of all the bits and pieces that I have collected. In fact you might just say that I am way over due for a garage sale or a clean out. But I know the treasures that are there and the creations that can be made.
This weekend my wonderful Metamorphosis man worked on a this project.
From a wood pile and these old pieces of discards he made this:
Afterwards, I was thrilled with our new potting bench. Or as my pregnant daughter-in-law and I thought about it...a wonderful changing table.
See the flowers in the window. Funny story, a bit sad one day a few years back however. I had a great little table. It had a round glass top that sat on 3 wonderful metal flowers. As I mentioned...I had a table, until son backed over it with the riding lawn mower. It was smashed flat.
I kept trying to get it to bend back to it's original state with no luck. I couldn't throw it away. No matter how many times hubby dear asked that I would I kept saying not yet. He finally gave up. lol
I am so glad now, as I love it!
Just this weekend I got the old flowerpot holder for .25cents at an estate sale. Funny story behind that too. There was a gal at the sale that was throwing a fit because the estate sale people had sold several items the night before. She brought the items back all in a tizzy and made a rude comment and left demanding her money back and as she left I said to the lady....I would like that please. :)
Another delightful discovery was the yellow under the window as hubby distressed it. It caused us to add the yellow to the rest of the potting bench. The yellow tin on the top, I flattened by backing the truck over it. It flattened just perfectly and then hubby cut the spindle in two and added it to the legs.
All in all I think it is a wonderful metamorphosis don't you?
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rachael Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture....and my Dreamboard

As I promised, I wanted to show you the beauty that I found inside Rachael Ashwell's new London shop. This wonderful, and as she called it, a Mushsy chair, was one of my very favorite pieces of furniture. The fabric is glorious and of course I had to take a sample away to put on my "DREAM BOARD," as it truly would be a dream to find this wonderful Mushy chair in my Shabby Old House.

I have never had a dreamboard before and I must say that creating one has been so much fun. That too was Rachel inspired. I can see now why this works. I am making one for the Shabby Old House, for my shop space and for my garden and flowerbeds. I may just fill up a wall with Dreams. Do you have a Dream Board?
I think everyone needs a pillow like this, don't you?
One of the fun things about going to a brand new store is seeing the wonderful new merchandise and of course it was so Shabby Chic Beautiful!
Look at this glorious tablecloth. I want it...I want it...I want it!!! Back to the dreamboard!

Thank you Rachael, for not giving up on your Dreams. You have been an inspiration to so many of us and by the way....did I spell Mushy right?